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Comment The problem with car autopilots (Score 1) 440

isn't that they're limited, it's that the user can't know exactly where the limitations are. When you know where the limits of a system are exactly, you subconsciously plan its usage to stay within its perimeter of competences. When you can't fully rely on a system to perform in certain conditions, and not to perform in other conditions, 100% of the time, you have to stay alert all the time to take over in case it craps out.

That's precisely what's self-defeating in today's fledgling autopilot systems. A real autopilot should let you sleep in the back, read the paper of drink a coffee while it drives. Or at least, it should reliably tell you when and in what conditions it won't be able to let you do that. Joshua Brown's mistake is that he failed to realize today's systems - Tesla's or others' - aren't remotely that predictable.

Comment It'll teach an excellent lesson (Score 4, Insightful) 198

Try your hardest and grind for many hours to improve things, advance civilization, bring about peace after war, build a nation. What a grand and exhilarating endeavour!

Then, when it gets too hard, enter a cheat code. Congratulation, you've now learned how to be a successful politician.

Comment Re:what battery ? (Score 1) 138

Yes. But let me introduce you to a revolutionary concept: if you connect several 18650 cells in parallel, you get multiples of a single cell's capacity. And if you connect several groups of 18650 cells in series, you get multiples of a single cell's voltage.

And if you connect a metric shitload of 18650 batteries together with a BMS and a car around it, you get a Tesla.

Amazing isn't it?

Comment 7 kg with e-assist? (Score 1) 138

I say bullshit. Even the lightest Brompton without e-assist is heavier than that. Drastic weight reduction methods required to bring a purely muscle-powered bike down to 7 kg - let alone a folder, and especially let alone an *electric* folder - would bring it into multi-thousand dollar price tag territories.

So... Bullshit.

Comment Re:Why Not? (Score 1) 104

And that's exactly why you need to offer Google as little information about you as possible, and go see a doctor.

Besides, Google's privacy invasion schemes notwithstanding, real doctors don't like it when you self-diagnose. So, since you can't really tell them Google told you you have a life-threatening ass tumor, you're better off not searching anything and going straight to the doctor.

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