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Submission + - Trans Pacific Partnership Threatens Freedom Online

pafein writes: "Hot on the heels of the SOPA blackout and ACTA protests in Europe comes reports about a new threat to online freedom, the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement or TPP. A trade agreement covering a dozen Asian, North & South American countries, TPP is being negotiated this week in a Hollywood hotel. It contains many of the most troubling provisions of other online anti-piracy bills: prohibitions on circumventing digital locks, three strikes rules, domain seizures, criminal penalties for peer-to-peer filesharing, as well as new ones, including treating temporary copies as copyright infringement, a proposal experts called 'crazy'. Offline, worries have been raised that TPP threatens access to generic drugs in developing countries and enables corporations to sue governments over health, environmental and other laws.

The treaty is characterized by a lack of transparency: the proposed text is only known by leaks while documents from negotiations would be secret for four years after adoption. The dates and locations of negotations themselves are secret: NGOs who tried to hold an event in the hotel were thrown out by the US Trade Representative; meanwhile, negotiators went on an MPAA sponsored tour of a movie studio. TPP has already attracted the attention of L.A.'s Occupy movement; concerned Netizens are encouraged to contact the USTR and their senator."

Comment Me too! (Score 1) 383

Flash is *not* a W3C standard -> Flash is *not* part of the Web.
In no way does Flash match the definition of the Web from Tim Berners-Lee, which is information to *anyone*.

Anything calling itself a "website" that has flash inside should be charged with false claims.

Besides even on XP, flash sux (both the cpu and itself):

Comment Meanwhile in France... (Score 1) 857

While ISP are required to keep logs already, on tuesday when introducing the debate on yet another clueless copyright bill, the Minister of Culture told her intentions of requiring public access wifi (schools, towns, ..) to only allow a whitelist of sites.
The opposition deputee ironized telling it could include the governement and the UMP (the majority party) sites...

What a shame, really!

Comment Sender Verification... unverifiable (Score 1) 198

It happened to me some days ago that my ISP refused to send a mail to a mailing list because it was using sender verification just like itself, and it was causing too many errors (because it's actually starting to send a mail before bailing out). It happened today to someone trying to send a mail to my someone on my ISP... It seems this thing doesn't really work both ways :D

Comment Re:Flash (Score 3, Interesting) 133

flash is not a standard. it's closed source, so not available everywhere, and unaccessible, unindexable... exactly what the web is not supposed to be.
Sorry no, gnash or swfdec are not there yet, besides, whoever looked at porting them must have noticed they aren't portable despite being opensource, dependancy hell here I come. Just check the never finished BeOS port of gnash. I don't see silverlight being better anytime soon.
At least Java is open now, so it can be ported.
But it's not accessible to blind people for ex.

Why don't they make websites instead ?

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