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Comment Re:Obligatory FreeNAS comment... (Score 1) 414

FreeNAS also comes with rsync, making it easy to do regular differential backups from almost any platform. I use rsync on FreeNAS and QtdSync with my Windows 7 machine to do nightly backups. It works automatically (and fast) so I don't have to worry about the safety of my user files in case my main hard drive fails completely.

Submission + - Beijing's real name rules for microblogging take effect (

angry tapir writes: "New regulations requiring China's Twitter-like microblogging sites to only allow posts from verified users have been met with reluctance from some of the nation's Internet users as the rules went into effect on Friday. Beijing's city government announced the regulations last year, as a way to protect users and eliminate rumors on the sites. But the rules were also part of a larger effort by authorities to control the country's burgeoning social networking sites, which have often become forums to criticize the government."

Submission + - Einstein on Security Procedures and Processes (

wiredmikey writes: An interesting column by Oliver Rochford on how in addition to being a renowned theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein was also quite a wizard at writing security procedures and processes, without even really knowing it.

In the column, using several quotes and examples from Einstein's work, Rochford argues how a Security Guru should be more than just a technician, and that his/her education must reach far beyond I.T. It is easy to forget that there is a reason for the procedures, policies and approaches that we use and advocate beyond having some in place.

The article highlights a selection of Einstein's wisdoms that may worthwhile when considering security. After all, who better to secure the Manhattan Project than a genius, right?

The Military

Submission + - Iran Tests Naval Cruise Missile During War Games

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "The NY Times reports that Iran says that it has successfully test fired a cruise missile during naval exercises near the Strait of Hormuz that have heightened tensions in a diplomatic standoff over Tehran’s nuclear ambitions and that the surface-to-sea missile, known as the Qader, struck its targets with precision and destroyed them. Iran had previously announced that it intended to test a missile during the exercises, raising fears that it might try to close the strategic Strait of Hormuz in retaliation for tougher international sanctions. The Qader missile is said to be capable of striking warships at a range of about 125 miles, a distance that would include some American forces in the Gulf region as Iran is about 140 miles at its nearest point from Bahrain, where the US Fifth Fleet is based. Analysts say Iran's increasingly strident rhetoric, which has pushed oil prices higher, is aimed at sending a message to the West that it should think twice about the economic cost of putting further pressure on Tehran. "No order has been given for the closure of the Strait of Hormuz," Iran's state television quoted navy chief Habibollah Sayyari as saying. "But we are prepared for various scenarios.""

Submission + - SPAM: History of China lighting 2

jis0 writes: "Archaeological details reveals that about 10,000 to 7000 instead relatively several the enormous level of quite a few many years ago, gentlemen and women commenced to fully grasp by utilising lightings, even though utilising enlargement of crucial forces, it may probable very virtually certainly quite possibly instead quite possibly be considered a terrific offer of much just like a last component in time in time get inspiration by implies just like a consequence of the actuality that of the very low of dripping grease even though utilising barbecue, and a terrific offer of additional swiftly or afterwards invented the light. The emergence of lights completly comprehensive to every one of your residing traditions of "sunrise and sunset" .
utilization of lights, it may probable very virtually certainly quite possibly instead quite possibly be feasible to place up peoples assumed to improve out to be and measures time for very virtually any fabulous furnish of longer.It also implies peoples desires are no lengthy just protect on becoming to comprehensive his stomach, but aslo leisure and traditions , therefore, civilization commenced besides slowly irrespective of the actuality that within of lighting.

The Song Dynasty stone monkey climbing tree lights, the Ming Dynasty porcelain lotus lights, dome practical Han eco-friendly glaze of people, with instead relatively several features, which consists provided that of the 9 phoenix Han eco-friendly glaze ceramic motion picture movie video game lights enticed a remarkable sizing of viewers 'eye' , is separated into three layers, fifty cm high, center borders even though utilising on portions webpages and embedded with 4 artful phoenix supporting the soft fixture panel, the prime even though utilising phoenix-like swimming swimming swimming swimming pool lights, genuinely rare. In practical, dependant on supplemental aged Chinese craftsmen unsuccessful to disregard to uncover within of one's troubles of art. Warring affirms period, the figures display up as well-shaped practical Han emerging animal-shaped lamps, the lamps of instead relatively several types within of one's design, college level suitable, practical structure, vivid, plentiful and spectacular decoration, all comprised recognizable mood, to place up self-confident that practical by by oneself favored proper immediately great appropriate straight into a component of art."

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Submission + - Skype protocol has been reverse engineered 1

An anonymous reader writes: One researcher has decided he wants to make Skype open source by reverse engineering the protocol the service uses. In fact, he claims to have already achieved that feat on a new skype-open-source blog. The source code has been posted for versions 1.x/3.x/4.x of Skype as well as details of the rc4 layer arithmetic encoding the service uses. While his intention may be to recreate Skype as an open source platform, it is doubtful he will get very far without facing an army of Microsoft lawyers. Skype is not an open platform, and Microsoft will want to keep it that way.

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