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Submission + - Particles discovered that move faster than light (

ectotherm writes: Scientists at CERN have measured particles known as neutrinos moving at a velocity that was 20 parts a million above the speed of light, nature's speed limit. Einstein's theory of relativity is based on his crucial idea that nothing can travel faster than light. This discovery could completely alter the field of physics as we know it.

Submission + - Chinese prisoners forced to play World of Warcraft (

ectotherm writes: Chinese prisoners in "re-education" camps are being forced to play Warcraft in a money-making scam. Prison guards are then trading the points the prisoners make for money. Says one former prisoner: "There were 300 prisoners forced to play games. We worked 12-hour shifts in the camp. I heard them say they could earn 5000-6000rmb a day."

Submission + - Cell phones may be causing bee deaths (

ectotherm writes: It turns out that cell phones may be the cause of the worldwide death of bees. Researchers put a cell phone under a hive, and bees reacted to both the sending and receiving of call signals. More research could help confirm the link between cell signals and "colony collapse disorder" — the sudden disappearance of entire colonies over winter — which has halved the bee population.

Submission + - Emergence: The physics of floating ants (

ectotherm writes: While most of the time ants follow along single-file, when needed they can form into large superstructures that can not only float, but the ants are so tightly knit together, that air pockets form between the water and the ants, and water cannot penetrate through any part. Emergent behavior at its best.

Submission + - U.S. Navy breaks LASER record (

ectotherm writes: The U.S. Navy has broken the existing record for the power of a LASER. Their new free-electron LASER can burn through 200 feet of steel per second. Next step: weaponization. Now all we need to do is upgrade the sharks...

Submission + - Liberal gene discovered (

ectotherm writes: Researchers have discovered a gene that predisposes people to certain political ideologies. No doubt this gene, called DRD4, is located on the left side of the DNA helix... ;)

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