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Comment Re:Interesting given recent removal of 386 support (Score 1) 145

We (author of article being quoted here ;-) actually do own ColdFire V4E boards, which were donated by Freescale at some point. Unfortunately they can't be used for the plain m68k port without some substantial work.

While the ColdFire is sufficiently similar to the m68k so that code written to support one processor (at least in userspace) benefits the technical situation for the other, unfortunately they are also sufficiently different that you can't just take binaries for one processor and try to run them on the other.

I /may/ decide to bootstrap a ColdFire port at some point, but it won't be tomorrow.

Comment Re:debian is better for n00bs (Score 1) 345

Debian IRC help not polite.
Ubuntu IRC help polite.

Please report that. There's a bunch of operators on the #debian channel who regularly kick trolls and people who are not polite. The channel has had a pretty bad reputation in the past, but it's not really deserved anymore these days.

Debian users are territorial like packs of wolves.
Ubuntu users are generally much nicer.

Not in my experience.

Debian loves freedom at cost of everything else.
Ubuntu loves civility and courtesy above everything else.

Is it now clear why Ubuntu is popular and not superior compared to Debian?

Absolutely wrong. Simple example: Debian's been providing a non-free archive, even though there have been several votes to remove it (all of them failed).

Comment Re:Are they mad? (Score 1) 250

It's a bit of both, really

There's certainly a factor of 'because we can' in there, but it's also a matter of preference. I know plenty of people who prefer the FreeBSD userland, but I also know plenty of people (myself included) who've tried both the FreeBSD and GNU userlands and preferred the latter. Debian GNU/kFreeBSD is certainly not for people in the first group.

Also, since many of debian's postinst scripts assume a GNU userland (and are allowed to do so by policy), shipping the FreeBSD userland as default would not have helped the port.

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