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Submission + - Clean out Distros

wnfJv8eC writes: There needs to a user site to survey distro packages. I just went to remove xfsprogs, some hang over from SGI from the early, very early 2000s. Why is Gnome dependent on this package? Remove it, remove Gnome? Really? The dependency tree is all screwed up. Never mind XFS, which by now I can't imagine anyone using, why aren't such addons a plugin? Why are they still supported. Who uses them. Once Linux dropped support for minix. Now one used it.
It's time for a house cleaning. That starts with a good vote on what is and isn't being used. Then dependency trees can be corrected, not just grandfathered in.
There are many examples of stupid dependencies. For example Rhythmbox requires gvfs-afc, which rpm -qi describes as "This package provides support for reading files on mobile devices including phones and music players to applications using gvfs."
So if I never plug my phone or other mobile device into my computer to play music I must have this thing loaded and running? But remove gvfs-afc, and pull Rhythmbox. The dependency is all wrong.

Comment Re:Report + Judgment (Score 2) 174

Not only accessing database without cause, but if they were federal databases or cost the county money (credit ratings), that could be malfeasance in office. Accessing a federal database illegally, cause for federal felony charges. It's about time this privacy issue come the front. Government officials have a too cavalry opinion of themselves. More need to be in jail. I wonder if their databases have access logs along with a case number the access was authorized by. If not that would be a good start to keeping police officer's noses clean.

Comment Cloud mount! (Score 1) 190

Well, interface wise I don't see that much difference. I use a desktop with 1280x1080 and a laptop with what 13xx by what ever. The point is a little less bling with respect to toolbars is just great. I Never use a toolbar. I go right to the menus. So wasted space. There are, at least four ways to save a file. Really? four ways. File/Save, clt-s, a curious icon at the bottom of the application and in the toolbar. Four. Over fu*king kill. The ability to cloud mount! YES! I'm OK with Google's online editor. But that also means I have to be proficient in two editors. But this also means I can store my files on google drive and drop my git backup system, moving files from desktop to laptop and back. It's not difficult, but now, not needed as I always have a wifi or G3 connect. So for the first time, I'm donating to Libreoffice! $50 US. Easily the best money, besides contributing to Bernie Sanders, that I have spent this year.

Comment Re:Affects about 1 000 000 viewers in Norway too (Score 1) 164

Wow. I dropped all TV support three years ago and haven't missed it. More, not spending $1400 a year for a few hours of programing I didn't feel much about ... what a wonder! Dropped the landline too in favor of a low cost cell carrier and local DSL. Verizon and Dish are now history. My bills are way down.

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