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Submission + - Apple Music and the terrible return of DRM (

An anonymous reader writes: Apple's rumored music streaming service looks set to materialize soon, and a lot of people are talking about how good it might be. But Nilay Patel is looking at the other side — if the service fits with Apple's typical mode of operation, it'll only work with other Apple products. "That means I'll have yet a fourth music service in my life (Spotify, Google Play Music, Prime, and Apple Music) and a fourth set of content exclusives and pricing windows to think about instead of just listening to music." He points out Steve Jobs's 2007 essay on the state of digital music and notes that Jobs seemed to feel DRM was a waste of time — something forced on Apple by the labels. "But it's no longer the labels pushing DRM on the music services; it's the services themselves, because locking you into a single ecosystem guarantees you'll keep paying their monthly subscription fees and hopefully buy into the rest of their ecosystem. ... Apple Music might be available on Android, but it probably won't be as good, because Apple wants you to buy an iPhone. ... There's just lock-in, endless lock-in. Is this what we wanted?"

Comment Re:Officials say? (Score 1) 644

The US has the best health system in the world, what it is lacking is access to it for certain people. If the US system is so bad, why do we see all the really sick people from the socialized medicine countries coming here for treatment when things get really bad?

Comment Re:Can't offer much (Score 2) 509

There is a not a single language used in the last 30 years that is not still being used somewhere. There are many businesses out there still running on RPG, COBOL and FORTRAN. If that person is good at what he knows, he will always be able to find a job. It may not be a "sexy" job to the 20-something crowd, but if he had a family, a job where his coding skills are appreciated, that only demands 9-5, is probably far more attractive to him anyway. I have seen many people throughout my career move into companies like that and be perfectly happy when I switched over to management instead.

Comment Re:Can't America get its acts together ? (Score 1) 1059

Hate to tell you this, but most of us in the top 5% started in the lower 50%. When you get out of college you take a shit job to get experience but little by little you climb up the ladder. But today there is such a sense of entitlement that everyone wants to be in the top 10% right out of undergrad. Guess what? it does not work that way. Want to make the top 10 or 5%? Sacrifice. Give up going out with your friends to work 18 hour days. Nobody gave me what I have, but I am glad that I have it and I say "screw you" to those who want to take it away from me (ie: Obama). I made the sacrifices. I could have made more money off the bat by not going to college, but I did not. I could have made more money quickly by not getting a second degree part time while I was working but I stuck it out. Now I have a nice house and a new car with a kid in college and another to follow soon. I also was smart and went to state schools so I did not have to max out my student loans. You made bad choices? Tough shit. The info was always out there but you chose to ignore it.

Comment Be careful! (Score 4, Informative) 168

If you live in the US, or your hosting is in the US, what you have done is technically cyber-crime. While I hate to say this, your best recourse is to move to another host and leave it all behind you. Should the hosting company start losing business because of you warning other users you could face all kinds of civil lawsuits and possibly even criminal penalties.

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