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Comment Re:Bank Insurance for Bitcoin? (Score 2) 51

New York state set some rules for Bitcoin Exchanges that are being used by all the major bitcoin companies. Bitcoin exchanges, which allow people to store bitcoin on their servers, and/or can convert to USD, need all the same information on users that a bank does. They also have reporting to do. A few of the big ones have their own insurance.

Of course a user doesn't need to use an exchange. A user can easily use one of the many wallets that don't have a central company keeping everything for you. You can use bitcoin without any other company involved, no way for a high profile hacking, etc.

A few sloppy companies messed up

Comment Re:No support from developer.... (Score 2) 51

Totally wrong. The original blocks mined by satoshi are still sitting there untouched. It'd be major news if they were moved. This exchange is not one of the big ones. It'd be like some online webstore being hacked and claiming ecommerce is done with. There are arbitration services for bitcoin if both parties want to pay the fee. If you use some of the large pre-made bitcoin shopping cart systems tied to exchanges they also have ways to handle bad business practices. Bitcoin companies have done a lot to make it a viable payment system. Also when banks do fail and/or freeze accounts, like in Cyprus, or Greece, bitcoin works fine.

Comment Re:To record predictions, use Predictionbook (Score 1) 239

there are a few other sites that let you bet on predictions. Nothing as popular as intrade ( ) was

I predict bitcoin will continue to slowly tick upwards until the next block halving (~ 200 days) when the value will take a bigger than usual jump, end the year around 1000

Meanwhile the hatred of all things bitcoin will also continue on /.

Comment Re:W. got a pass on war crimes... (Score 1) 470

it would be just politics if she hadn't complained as a candidate that Bush was hiding things by using private email.

Clinton 2007 : You know our Constitution is being shredded. We know about the secret wiretaps, about the secret military tribunals, we know about the secret White House email accounts.

Then she does the same thing. That's not partisan politics, that's being a hypocrite.

As for the RDP it could very well have been a redirect to another machine at the house and not the actual email server. It's on the same network but it may not have been the email server itself, unless the router config or network setup has been published.

Comment (Score 1) 348

The Dems complained about Bush bypassing the intent to keep things on record. The Democrats made a big deal about using government computers in the name of transparency. Rules were made for the State Department to use sanctioned computers. People were fired during Clinton's term as head of the State Department for not following this policy. The new rules and being a hypocrite in not following them herself is the issue.

Comment Re:7zip (Score 1) 215

I have 3 Meg DSL when the weather is good. An electric co-op for a rural area is putting fiber in to get 1 gig to the home over a 5 year rollout. It unfortunately will stop about 1/2 mile from my current location. If I move to the middle of some farmland I'll have far better Internet - that's just weird.

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