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Comment Re:Cool ... (Score 5, Informative) 173

While that may be profitable for Monsanto, it is horrible for our ecosystem. RoundupReady are genetically modified using e. coli bacteria to insert the genetic material. In order to verify that the genetic modification is successful, they also include the gene for penicillin immunity. Now we have massive numbers of organisms with the gene sequence necessary to be immune to penicillin, and more producers of GMO seeds means more genetic modifications in the wild. Monsanto has already come out with 2,4D (a component of agent orange) immune seed to prepare for the expiration of RoundupReady patents. It's also worth mentioning that a significant number of common weeds are immune to Roundup now.

Comment Re:Stupid Images (Score 5, Interesting) 104

Wow! I only share pics online with Google+, precisely because of the circles. I don't want people who pledged the same fraternity as I did getting pictures of my 4 year old daughter's birthday party. I may want to share the picture of the latest glass of home brew with the fraternity brothers, and not all the friends in the area who have children who go to school with my 6 year old. It's interesting to me that the reason you don't like Google+ is the exact reason that I chose to use it for sharing pictures.

Comment Re:Just keep in mind the tradeoff (Score 2) 556

You're missing a major contributor to academic research in point 2. 28% of funding for biomedical research comes from the US NIH. The NIH only contributes to new drugs that have a material impact on the improvement of public health. I would easily believe that 72% of new drugs to market provide little additional benefit over preceding drugs and are mostly there to pad the pockets of Big Pharma. In order to pass the FDA they only need to show that they are as effective and no less safe.

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