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Submission + - Can phone vendors compete with Apple and Samsung? (

zacharye writes: Apple and Samsung are in the midst of a patent-fueled war with no end in site, but the pair has also inadvertently joined forces to make it increasingly difficult for other vendors to continue making smartphones. New estimates suggest Apple and Samsung combined to take in a staggering 95% of smartphone industry profits in the fourth quarter of 2011...

Submission + - CRTC Commissioner Demonstrates Extreme Ignorance (

davegravy writes: The Canadian Radio and Telecomunication Comission (CRTC) is hosting a week-long public hearing on Internet Service Provider (ISP) Usage Based Billing (UBB).

Michael Geist, who holds the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law, reports:

New CRTC Commissioner Tom Pentefountas, asked in yesterdays hearing "what is so undemocratic about allowing a few companies to control the Internet?"

Submission + - Texas and Taxes: Is a Server a Business Presence? (

1sockchuck writes: Does having a server in a data center give you an official business presence in the state where the data center is located – invoking the requirement to collect state taxes? Not in Texas anymore, thanks to a new bill, which clarified a ruling that would have required hosting companies leasing servers in Texas to collect state sales tax from their customers. That's a big deal, since Texas is home to many of the industry's largest hosting companies — including Rackspace and SoftLayer, who have comments on the issue.

Submission + - US wants drivers to test wireless auto safety tech (

coondoggie writes: "Can new wireless auto safety systems work in the real world and how will drivers respond? That's what the US Department of Transportation hopes to find out in the next few months as it lets hundreds of drivers in six communities across the country test some of the latest communication devices in controlled situations."

Submission + - Android malware threat getting real (

twoheadedboy writes: "Two new pieces of malware targeting Google's Android OS have been spotted in a matter of days. What's more, they have been wrapped up in apps which appeared on the Android Market. The developments come in the same week one security expert predicted five per cent of all Android and iPhone devices would be infected by 2012. The Android malware threat appears to be getting serious..."

Submission + - Convert videos to comics and view on the Kindlle! (

mikejuk writes: Convert a TV program to a comic strip and "read it" on your Kindle. It sounds like a difficult task but using the subtitles embedded in a DTV stream and some simple techniques to find representative frames in a scene it is fairly easy. The result is a comic book like presentation of the story that can be viewed on the Kindle or printed out and mailed!

Submission + - Cloud Infrastructure for Government Agencies (

JohnBert writes: Government agencies are finally able to purchase cloud infrastructure through the GSA. Check it out:

July 12, 2011 – Clifton, NJ – Bat Blue Corporation, a provider of network and security infrastructure in-the-cloud, is now an authorized General Services Administration (GSA) supplier to government agencies. Federal Supply Schedule contract number GS-35F-0485X allows federal agencies, along with state and local entities that follow the GSA standard, to conveniently contract for Bat Blue's next-generation technologies and services.


Submission + - Google Ventures Pushed iOS Over Android (

itwbennett writes: "Only in the last 6 months has the Android platform become significant enough in the market that Google Ventures partner Rich Miner will recommend that startups funded by his company develop for Android. 'There was just that many more handsets out there, and still a more mature developer ecosystem' for iOS, said Miner, speaking at the VentureBeat conference in San Francisco on Tuesday. The next opportunity Miner sees for mobile app developers is enterprise applications for both Android and iOS: 'To me, that's a huge opportunity, since neither Apple nor Google are really focused on the enterprise that much.'"

Submission + - SPAM: Netflix Customers do not Like new Plans

i4u writes: Netflix announced yesterday a new pricing for their offerings. This announcement did not go over well with Netflix customers. The announcement triggered over 27,000 comments on the Netflix Facebook page. I could not find a positive comment in this stream of anger and announcements of service cancellations. So what did Netflix do?
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Submission + - NASA Goes Earthbound With Sustainability Base (

judgecorp writes: "As NASA’s space programme winds down with the final mission of the Space Shuttle Atlantis, the US space agency is looking to the future with a totally sustainable building, on planet Earth. The Sustainability Base.will generate more power than it uses, despite being located at the Ames Research Centre in California where air conditioning is a must."

Submission + - Apple Chief Patent Lawyer LeavesAfter Android Loss

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "PC Magazine reports that Richard "Chip" Lutton, Apple's current chief patent lawyer, is reportedly leaving the company after failing to block Android manufacturers from using iPhone-like features. "It's possible that Apple's leadership wants the patent department to become more effective, especially in terms of litigation," says intellectual property analyst Florian Mueller. "They are probably disappointed that the first ITC complaint against HTC didn't go too well," referring to Apple's attempts to win an injunction over HTC devices. In addition Apple is aggressively seeking an injunction on Samsung's flagship Galaxy lineup, arguing that the South Korean manufacturer copied the look and feel of Apple iPhones and iPads and Apple also recently joined forces with EMC, Ericsson, Microsoft, Research in Motion, and Sony to block Google from acquiring 6,000 wireless technology patents held by Nortel, before it filed for bankruptcy. "Running Apple's patent department is probably one of the most demanding jobs in the field of intellectual property," adds Mueller. "Apple has recently started a number of lawsuits and may initiate several more. It's also sought out by patent trolls all the time.""

Submission + - 10 Tech Products Which Came Too Late

adeelarshad82 writes: There's fashionably late, and then there's tragically late. Plenty of perfectly good technology has perished merely because it was late to the party and ended up coming off as a copycat product. PCMag rounds up ten tech products from Digital Compact Cassette to Netbooks which just didn’t survive the market because of their poor timing. Beware, this is a slideshow.

Submission + - Windows Phone 7 update delayed (

tripleevenfall writes: Windows Phone 7's major update seems to have been delayed beyond the "fall" timeline originally forecast. "Mango", also known as Windows Phone 7.5, based on comments made by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who seems to expect it to arrive at Christmastime.

"Mango" is purported to be a massive, game-changing update that totally re-works the way the operating system functions.


Submission + - IE Surrenders First Countries To Chrome (

An anonymous reader writes: It is no secret that Chrome’s market share varies dramatically in different geographic across the globe, but it has caught us by surprise that Chrome is now the most popular browser in at least four countries. Chrome appears to be especially strong in South America, where it now leads in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

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