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Comment Re:Mostly non-essential parts (Score 1) 44

I see the possibility someone would take the basic 3D plans for the simple parts and tweak the designs to customize their bike, or to create other add-ons. Having the 3D plans and altering them would be much easier than creating from scratch. Someone might spend $2400 for that capability.

Comment Re: I AM KEVIN BACON! (Score 1) 89

Well this is directly relevant to the number of degrees of seperation that the NSA uses to assume a connection between two people. I forget what the last hearings said about it -- was it two, or three? In either case, there starts to be evidence that this isn't so narrow a focus.

Three degrees:

Comment Re:No privacy for Americans? (Score 1) 29

When you data gets mined by the FBI (and in theory also by the NSA), you have means of bringing that to court.

It's a nice idea but I'm not sure this is working out in reality. Many of the publicised cases where this is attempted seem to end up with the case thrown out after ruling the individual has no standing since the FBI and NSA never admit to having or collecting the data in the first place and don't divulge any information about surveillance because 'national security'.

Comment Re:Killing People (Score 2) 87

If you compile information into huge databases, this is what you can expect. Personally, I want all my medical records on paper charts stored in my doctor's office. Unless you agree to have your information published on the internet, don't accept electronic records. I assume that in this specific case the ssd's were lost. Even if they end up on eBay, the new owners will most likely clear the old data.

That policy choice would kill a lot of people because it would prevent data mining to learn how to generate better health outcomes. Trade offs.

Data mining to generate better health outcomes is good. Unfortunately there are other tradeoffs to consider. The large amount of personal data makes the database a target to be used for other purposes or even theft.

Then your data gets mined for less favorable purposes.

Comment Re:so whats easier (Score 1) 109

It's the old 'bread and circuses' concept. But at some point the people being manipulated catch on to the fact, and then revolution is likely. I keep wondering why we haven't had one already - perhaps people are now so brainwashed that they will never wake up?

I think we've perfected the circuses part. Between the hundreds of TV channels, cellphones, and Internet, the circuses are essentially perpetual. When you get bored with one, you'll find a nearly endless supply available at the touch of a button. You have no time for a revolution if you're busy searching for the next cat video on Youtube.

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