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Submission + - SpiderOak Encrypted Online Storage Now Offers 50GB (spideroak.com)

wikdwarlock writes: "Perhaps you've heard about the privacy concerns surrounding DropBox's online storage solution. This might lead you to investigate other services with a better approach to securing your in-the-cloud files, and that might lead you further to SpiderOak. They now offer 50GB for referrals for current and new users, and that's a pretty decent amount of free storage!"

Submission + - Wii imports threatened by motion sensing patent

wikdwarlock writes: Bloomberg.com reports that Hillcrest Labs, Inc. has file a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission to block imports of the Nintendo Wii because "[Hillcrest] claims its motion-control inventions are being used in the Wii system." Can you say submarine patents?

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