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Comment Re: And of course the JAMA doesn't have an interes (Score 1) 210

Having a control group without a diet plan would have been stupid. It would not have helped resolve the hypothesis (that fitness trackers help people lose more weight than the traditional self-monitoring of diet and exercise), and it would have reduced the power of the experiment by reducing the group sizes.

Why do you think the exercise goals were different for the two groups in this study? The "Physical Activity" section of the paper does not describe any difference in the prescribed regimen -- only, as I remarked above, on the method used to measure and record their exercise (and diet). As far as I can tell, you're flat wrong about the number of free variables.

You're already in a hole. Stop digging it deeper.

Comment Re: And of course the JAMA doesn't have an interes (Score 1) 210

I wasn't the one who said "You have to fully identify confounds and correct them. This study obviously didn't, thus is irreparably flawed, thus gives no useful information." My first comment was a way of calling bullshit on that claim (by AK Marc) -- but you proceeded to totally miss the point.

Comment Re: And of course the JAMA doesn't have an interes (Score 1) 210

Spare us your disconnected anecdotes. Specifically how do you think relevant, uncontrolled variables affected the outcome of this study? Like most blowhards, you have so far avoided being specific about the things you whine about. Please show that you aren't just a blowhard.

Comment Re:And of course the JAMA doesn't have an interest (Score 1) 210

Why do you believe "[t]he group that got fitness trackers also stopped participating in the health-counseling sessions"? According to the paper, "at 6 months, both interventions added telephone counseling sessions, text message prompts, and access to study materials on a website". It says the intervention staff had access to the fitness tracker data during those telephone sessions. The key difference appears to be whether participants (who completed the study) self-reported their diets and physical activity, or used the device alone.

Comment Re: And of course the JAMA doesn't have an interes (Score 1) 210

That's because climate scientists can't do randomized studies. Participants in this study were randomly assigned to either a standard intervention group or an enhanced intervention group. As far as studies in social science go, that isn't a very small group, and the idea is that with enough members in each group, uncontrolled variables (which one may or may not be able to identify) average out. Do you think the randomization failed to average things out? Exactly what confounding variables do you think they should have tried to identify and correct for? Be sure to explain how they should correct for each.

Comment Re: Swift is always doing non compat updates (Score 1) 148

No, there really isn't. With no alternative implementation of the language, the ABI is inherently part of the language definition. You can't carve out bits and pieces of Swift 3.0 and declare that it's going to be forward-compatible when it won't be.

On top of that, Apple has promised compatibility before, and changed their minds when it was convenient.

Comment Re: And Thus the Reason for Swift 2.3 (Score 1) 148

Swift 3 is as compatibility-breaking as people made it out to be. But hey, you can choose to stick with Swift 2.3 if you want to suffer even more compatibility breakage when Swift 4 comes along.

Apple apologists should just admit that Apple can't decide how to design either a library or a language.

Comment Re: The only breaking change worth having (Score 1) 148

It hasn't happened because people occasionally view code using tools besides editors -- dead trees, web browsers, plain text editors, and so forth -- so it's important that code looks good even if you don't have a fancy IDE that you extensively customized to make the latest fad language look decent.

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