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Comment Core Question (Score 1) 973

Here's the question that lies at the heart of each person's position in this great debate: Mr. content producer values his money _________ I do. 1) less than 2) the same as I think this basic emotional feeling (are most of the people on the content chain rich / do they deserve the money) is the heart of all the other reasons we create for our position on piracy.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 449

Let me give an example with musical sampling - it's totally different with bands like Girl Talk who sample music to create new pieces - because Girl Talk doesn't claim to have made the samples. One of the aspects of why plagiarism is seen as wrong is because you're taking credit for someone else's work. When you're sampling music, you're crediting them. From the perspective of a first reader it makes no difference - someone copying someone else's words into a paper they're writing is invisible & the work still exists on it's own. A work exists on its own, and broken down is always recombinations of other things - but it's someone taking credit for it for gain that's the unethical bit. Kids who sample music don't usually have to credit the sample for a listener to distinguish it, so it's a totally different piece. PS: Anyone watch Californication? Were those episodes written and aired before this whole thing?

City of Heroes Sr. Designer Talks Architect System 56

Kheldon writes "The MMO Gamer sits down with Joe Morrissey, a Senior Designer at Paragon Studios, to discuss the inspiration behind, and current implementation of, the Architect user-generated content system in City of Heroes. Quoting: 'Really for me, wanting tools so the rest of the team could actually come up with content was the idea. Because we have a lot of guys on the team that are hardcore players, they play the game all the time. Then they come to me like, "I’ve got this idea for this story, we should really do this arc with this guy!" And I’m like, "That’s great. I haven’t got time to do it. I’ve got plenty of other story arcs to work on." But, if we made the tools easy enough, then they could actually come up with the arcs, and we can put them out. Then somewhere along that road it dawned on me: Why stop with the rest of the team?'"

Comment Re:Which method? (Score 1) 1181

"Because when you study comparative religion in a serious, academic way, you quickly reach undeniable evidences of "something" that defy the typical atheist's oversimplifications." Absolutely not. You find that many religions have similar ideas. Many languages have nouns. Many human cultures associate similar feelings with moments of intense fear (that time slowing down effect). Etc. We're all human, we have very similar brains, and so the fact that two very similar beings might reach similar conclusions is certainly not "undeniable evidences of "something" that defy the typical atheist's oversimplifications." Please don't be a jerk. Atheists are not children. As for the argument that you can't draw conclusions about something without experiencing it, how do religions come to conclusions about what happens after death? How do car manufacturers come to conclusions about the results of a crash? Not every engineer of a safe vehicle is in a wheelchair. Frankly, imitation is not the only way to draw conclusions, if it was we'd all be hobbling on crutches with an eye-patch and a deaf ear.

Submission + - MadWifi Security Flaw Discovered (net-security.org)

eldavojohn writes: "The Gentoo Security folks have issued a security advisory against MadWifi as they have discovered a method by which an attacker could "act as an access point and send a specially crafted packet to an Atheros based wireless client, possibly resulting in a Denial of Service (kernel panic)." There currently is no known work around or fix."

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