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Comment Re:So... (Score -1) 197

Funny how people are ready to roll over and spread their legs for Google on this. If it was Apple the Slashdot crowd would be screaming to high heaven about how evil they are and throwing "walled garden" in every other word. Google gets a free pass.

This is bad because Google deliberately tricks a known privacy setting to circumvent it. This is obviously intentional and could constitute an unlawful hack of your computer. It's a deliberate attempt to circumvent computer security. They deserve to get slapped down over this one.

Comment Re:Stuff that people want to buy. KEY PHRASE. (Score -1) 761

Same story here. I know it's fashionable to hate Apple and dismiss Apple owners as "fanbois" but it just shows the nerds are not immune to herd mentality and wanting to appear cool.

Bought a PowerMac in 2004 and loved it so much I began to convert my family to Macs when they bought a new machine. My family computer support time has dropped to maybe 2 hours a year now and everyone is very happy with their machines and have expanded into iPads and iPhones, etc. What the haters seem to be unable to understand is that satisfied customers are not satisfied because of marketing, when you spend good money on these products you will not be satisfied with a marketing slogan. Starting with that original Mac I have been so happy that I've recommended them to everyone. How many products have you bought in your life that pleased you so much that you became an independent sales team for the company? That is why Apple is doing well, they are making great products that people love, and satisfied customers mean repeat business and referrals, and that means record quarters like we've just seen. Apple has earned their success.

Comment Re:... and the EULA for the authoring tool... (Score -1) 376

It's only an Apple only venue for the ibook spit out from the application. The authors can still sell their same book through other channels like Amazon, it will just have to be in the Kindle format. Authors still have to do this now, they write the book and have to format and split off their book into different version for dead tree, Kindle, iBooks, etc. This changes nothing on their side except opens up richer content with a free, easy to use tool.

Comment Re:So we're to trust apple with publishing ? (Score -1) 396

Except they are not trying to prevent competitors, that is a simpleton's analysis of the situation at best, and an outright lie at worst. They are suing because they believe that Samsung, Google, HTC, etc. are blatantly copying Apple's products rather than inventing their own. If you're going to comment at least try and be reasonably honest rather than spouting bullshit like the rest of the hater herd.

Comment Re:the lack of simple digital publishing tools? (Score -1) 396

Don't ruin the festival of haters, they take great pride in being elitist and hating apple, just like all the rest of the elitist herd. I'm sure the goober you replied to patted himself on the back and then made sweet love to his hand, since there is no one who could compete with the beauty of his own hand.

Comment Re:chaotic system + high altitude sulfate (Score -1) 164

I share you mindset on this, but what I'm finding funny from all the comments is very few people posting here are excited at the prospect of mankind "fixing" this by manipulating nature. It seems very few of us have confidence in our knowledge of how this planet works and unintended consequences. Yet, at the same time, if you claim to be a skeptic of man made global warming pronouncement, for the very same reason (little confidence in mankind's true understanding of the planet) then you are shouted down around here. It feels like people are a bit full of shit on this topic. "You must believe our conclusions, we understand how nature works, but we don't understand it well enough to feel confident in directly manipulating nature."

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