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Comment Re:And then those employees burn down your restaur (Score 1) 1023

Except that it's not a straight-up comparison between the employee and the machine. When the machine doesn't make fries, it's idle. When the employee doesn't make fries, they're cleaning, etc.

Go use a fast-food restroom and check its' cleanliness.
While there, notice that it takes 2 minutes to get hot water to wash your hands, which means none of the employees has actually used any hot water recently to wash their hands...

Comment Obviously not true (Score 1) 190

The day after the "shoe bomber" tried to down a plane, we were all removing our shoes at the airport.

If it was actually possible to control critical plane functions via an ethernet jack under the seat, all electronic devices would be prohibited on board until further notice.
You can still get on board with a laptop and ethernet cable, so we know it's not actually possible to do what the guy and FBI seem to be claiming.

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