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Comment Re: s/drug trials/climate change/g (Score 1) 321

The same experiment has been done for 100 years, and consistently reproduces the same results. Take a sealed, transparent tank of air. Shine sunlight on it. Take the temperature. Increase the percentage of CO2 in the tank. Shine sunlight. Take the temperature. The CO2-richer air has a higher temperature.

Comment Re:Why is income equality necessarily good? (Score 1) 514

I don't define achievement as the exertion of power over others.

The Patriots won. It was an achievement. I may not like it; but I'm not oppressed because of that.

Perhaps that's a bad example because they had to exert power over a tiny percentage of the population in order to win. How about a math test? It's not explicitly a competition--getting 100% is an achievement, even if the other students don't know you got it. Many others will not get a perfect score. You did better than them--and it's funny that I have to point this out: there's nothing wrong with that.

Comment Re:Why is income equality necessarily good? (Score 2) 514

Absolute equality is probably just as bad as extreme concentration. I don't think anybody is seriously proposing that we target perfect equality, except Marxist ideologues.

The problem with absolute equality is the enforcement mechanism and the way it tends to crush the spirit of anybody who desires to achieve.

The problem with wealth concentration in the upper tiers is that it leads to *power* concentration in the upper tiers--government by the wealthy, ie, oligarchy.

I think it's often the case that the optimal position is somewhere in the middle. When wealth is concentrated in the upper tiers, a move towards absolute equality seems appealing, but only in the way that moving towards a fire seems appealing when it's freezing.

Comment Apollo 8 patch (Score 1) 303

I love the Apollo 8 patch. That's a logo designer's dream. It practically designed itself. I almost wonder if they made sure it wasn't 7 or 9 just so they could do that.

Anyway, that mission made sense as a stepping stone to landing on the Moon. Doing it again *sort of* makes sense just to dip our toes back into something other than LEO operations... but if Mars is the next target maybe other missions are more logical steps...

Comment Re:Competition is good! (Score 1) 84

I tried Sprint when I first moved to the SF Bay Area in 2001. Bad mistake -- even with this "bargain" I don't think I would ever go back Poor coverage, and they stuck me on this tiny little price plan and refused to offer me anything higher. After getting a cell bill for $700 I said eff it and left. Paying the early termination fee after only a couple months was far more affordable than continuing to use them

Comment Re:The End of Freedom (Score 1) 490

No -- what I am saying is that the Middle Class is dying, and the millennials will join the ever growing ranks of the working poor. Because that's what's going on, the destruction of the middle class, and the creation of a bi-furcated society of the Have's and the other 90% who will be the working poor

Comment The End of Freedom (Score 3, Insightful) 490

Freedom in America is largely defined by Economic Freedom. Without the ability to obtain a disposable income, Millennials are unable to live their life on their terms. They are effectively Wage Slaves, shackled to and controlled by Debt and most of them will prove powerless to overcome that slavery. We will see the middle class die within the next decade, and with it, the rise of chronic underemployment, and the end of the nuclear family as multi-family and multi-generational households will become the new norm

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