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Comment Re:China has anti-satellite weapons (Score 1) 272

So, the deeper into the gravity well you get, the bigger explosions you can "afford" without creating any more space-junk

By exploding them you are talking about adding velocity to things that are already moving at orbital velocities. I suggest you think about it in those terms as an aid to understanding. You should be able to work out that many fragments are going to go up and continue orbiting from that.

Comment Re:China has anti-satellite weapons (Score 1) 272

Obviously, not even a nuclear blast on the Earth's surface would send anything into orbit

We have rocks in Antarctica and many other places that have got there after something hit Mars fairly hard.
Your "obviously" is an example of where thinking in terms of what you see in your immediate environment is not enough to cover some other situations.

just enough to break the contraption into several pieces. It and can be calculated so that any shrapnel would still end up burning in the air even if not right away.

Maybe try reading that fiction I mentioned or some non fiction - or perhaps even a real video of something blowing up to dispel a bit of the Hollywood thinking in action here.
Those little bits flying everywhere are a problem when even paint flecks are classed as dangerous space junk.

Comment Re:Good news for me (Score 1) 180

supporting Dell corporate systems and now that I'm retired, thats is ALL I will buy/recommend ... Asus all suck donkey balls

Surely you've worked out by now that Asus was making that Dell stuff until they decided to sell stuff on their own.

Who is making the Dell stuff this week? It's variable quality because it's rebadged stuff from a range of suppliers. Is SuperMicro crap because they were not on your radar since you were only supporting Dell stuff and not the high end of town?

Comment Re:Work around? (Score 1) 220

This thing is not only neither but blatantly anti-capitalistic.
It's saying you can't sell stuff because the government is saying you cannot.

We put up with that sort of obstruction to capitalism when the stuff is dangerous, but when it's this arbitrary it's behaving like a communist or other authoritarian government.

Comment Re:China has anti-satellite weapons (Score 1) 272

News just in - explosions send shit everywhere. Even on "the edge of the atmosphere".
For a bit of good fiction which explains what I'm talking about by around a few billion, but still gets the message across in general terms, take a look at the first part of "Seven Eves".
In short when you have high velocity bits going all over the place you end up with some going up as well as some going down instead of the nice neat settling of dust that most people imagine. Air resistance is very low in LEO (but not nil) and gravity isn't so strong up there so if you explode something a lot of stuff goes up and stays up for a long time.

Just letting it fall is better than a lot of other options since it's a vast amount smaller than Skylab and most bits probably won't make it to the ground anyway. It's not as if it's got huge amounts of stuff that is difficult to melt like the Kosmos satellites with shielded nuclear fuel onboard - those things have come down in large pieces.

Comment Re:AI (Score 1) 91

Christ, another "AI" breakthough. We call algorithms AI now. Apparently a bunch of "if/else" statements are AI now.

It's the same depressing way that nanotech became toothpaste and sunscreen instead of the little machines Drexler wrote about.
Think about it as you stand on a Hoverboard or do a little bit of Android programming.

Comment Re:Weight numbers are not the only indicators (Score 1) 210

The people getting significant muscle that way don't give a shit about weight because they know it isn't the only metric. BMI charts are not for those people.

However for those with a lot less exercise weight is not a bad metric since their amounts of muscle are low and staying fairly constant.

Comment A bit more than that see photo in article (Score 1) 272

I remember that, the debris wasn't much, looked like charcoal briquits

There was one portion weighing over a ton that was brought on the back of a truck to display at the Miss Universe pagent in Perth:

Comment Re:China has anti-satellite weapons (Score 1) 272

You forgot a 4th point - send fragments all over the place to potentially damage things in all nearby orbits, or if small bits break off at high speed, even very distant orbits.
Make something go boom and some stuff goes up instead of just down. Since the effects of the earths gravity are a lot less that far out a lot of it is going to go up and take a long time to go down. A big enough boom and some bits may even end up in a fairly stable orbit higher up.
I suggest you look up space junk for some ideas about how it's not just going to fall down quickly in a few harmless bits.

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