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Comment Re:What a mess (Score 1) 440

Hillary has praised many dictators, including Putin, and supports Iran.

Reagan supported Iran with cold hard cash and he's seen as the equivalent of a Saint.
Going back even more there's "good old Uncle Joe Stalin".
People in politics just keep on saying this stuff. Look at how there is hardly a bad word for China for example.

I suggest you look at what very much appears to be blatant bribes from Pfizer associated with dropping the penalty against them or a pile of other things instead of such distractions which apply almost totally across the board.
Who seriously was proposing getting involved in the Ukraine? Anyone?

Comment Re:This confirms my previous speculation (Score 1) 440

yeah, but these days the plurality of people are independents and not actually democrats or republicans. A fact that both parties like to ignore.

The 2 party system is a joke

So much so that a speech by Obama's wife only needs the word "dignity" to be removed to work perfectly when used by Trump's wife :)

Comment Re:Doing Trump's work for him (Score 1) 440

How the fuck do you mange to keep twisting things like this?

The twist is red tape in the bedrooms from the "freedom" and "small government" party. For added hilarity there's the strange fear of the impossible with worries about Sharia law by the people who are actually trying to enforce something similar with pointless red tape in the bedrooms.
The Republican party was not always like this. People keep on using "1950s values" as an insult but they've actually gone backwards in some ways since then due to a fringe taking things over.

Comment Re:Rethink (Score 1) 183

Of course Putin is doing his best to revive those old days.

You are thinking far too short term. He mostly wants to revive the days of Tsars that dramatically increased the size of the Russian Empire, but he also has Stalin's library in his office.

A Trump v Putin game of chicken does not sound like a wonderful thing, I must admit...

They are both authoritarians but Trump is very much Putin-lite. Trump is like a spoiled trust fund child of Putin that would like to be thought of as being as great as his dad but has nothing to use other than half of his dad's book of speeches. A better analogy would be comparing Henry Ford to Edsel Ford (with apologies to both - similar politics but Putin is a murderous thug). A Trump versus Putin game of chicken would result in a Putin win every time. Trump may talk like a gangster but Putin has dealt with gangsters and had them killed (as well as effectively being a gangster himself at one point).

The change of management at Fox could drastically change the way Trump is seen by the world. Trump is a lame puppy in business compared with Rupert Murdoch and Rupert likes to be a kingmaker just as Hearst was. Rupert's contempt for Trump (as seen on his other outlets) could end up coming through on Fox in a major way if Rupert can get some advantage from Hillary and decides to bring his media empire down on her side.

Comment Re:lucky trump is not in power yet as may been dea (Score 1) 82

Trump just told Putin via the press that if Russia invades Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, the USA will just sit back and act unconcerned.

Despite it being a Trumpism he's probably right even if somebody else is President. If it's a slow takeover like the Ukraine instead of a blitzkrieg that's probably exactly what will happen apart from some pointless bluffing.

Comment Re:Seems legit... (Score 1) 82

Hillary Clinton commits treason, and goes free

Treason doth not prosper ... look that quote up and you will understand.
Treason isn't even giving classified anti-tank weapons to Hezbolla less than a year after they blew up over a hundred US Marines. Treason these days is beating a Russian at chess. Treason is for nobodies. People working for the state can just wrap themselves in a flag and call working for an enemy "patriotism".

Comment Saves having to buy it off the Chinese (Score 1) 82

Seriously folks, if a subcontractor in Hawaii like Snowden had access do you really think the Chinese didn't? It's a massive attack surface and one of those hundreds of thousands is going to have gambling debts or trade secrets for sex.

After all even Petraus right at the top of the tree was found guilty for selling secrets for sex.

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