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Submission + - A Cure for Baldness

weinrich writes:
Scientists have discovered a justifiable reason to do Stem Cell research: A cure for baldness. From the article: "Writing in the journal Nature, the scientists described how they had shown that adult mammals are able to grow new hair follicles." Will all the balding stem cell nay-sayers be changing thier opinions in exchange for a full head of hair?

Submission + - A new look at sight.

Michel writes: "Do Asians See Different than Occidentals Because of Facial Elements?

Facial Characteristics of Asians differ a lot from Occidentals, for instance Occidentals tend to have a horizontal Nasal-Intersection blocking their right eye from looking further to the right providing an Hold-on/Threshold, in contrast to asians who haven't got a significant Vertical Nasal-Intersection.

When we look closely at asian eyes we see that their Alpha-Area is shaped by their eyelids, giving them an Alpha-blocking in a Horizontal/Oblique direction, this results in a Horizontal-Visual-Alignment, see presentation:
1.4 Asians have a Horizontal Alpha-Area

When it come to alignment, we can can notice that our view is aligned to the Alpha region that surrounds our eyes. For Asians this alignment is Horizontal as the haven't got an signature intersection as occidentals, who have a vertical alignment. see presentation:
1.5 Alignment

It is also interesting to see how the Alpha Area may be involved in defining the Pupil shapes of animals. see presentation:
13.1 Animals Overview"

Submission + - Free Nintendo DS Game Demos at Airports

destinyland writes: "Nintendo just installed "download stations" at airports which will wirelessly transmit free game demos to your Nintendo DS. "Because people typically have a lot of down time, airports are ideal places...to try out free new game experiences," says a Nintendo spokesperson. They'll rotate new games into the kiosks periodically, and they're hoping it gives them a new channel for promoting Nintendo games and consoles to customers (weaning them off Microsoft and Sony.)"

Submission + - Scientology harrassment attempt backfired badly

BertDeJong writes: Making a critical documentary about the cult of Scientology wasn't made easy for BBC Panorama's investigating journalist John Sweeney, as he was being follow-up, harrassed, and intimidated for days by one "Tommy" (wearing sunglasses and a black suit) of Scientology during his investigation. Sweeney lost it after a couple of days, and explained "Tommy" where they were at. Scientology taped the event, and decided it would be good message to enemies of Scientology so they put it on Youtube. But this badly backfired when Panorama viewing rates went through the roof in Britain. Scientology are now considering legal steps.

Submission + - Coke to give away 2 BILLION iTunes downloads

chris_law writes: In the biggest music promotion in history, Coke and iTunes have teamed up to give away 2 billion free iTunes downloads to lucky Coke drinkers over 4 months. The immense promotion will run from this month and will launch at the Cannes Film Festival with a performance from Faithless. There's speculation as to whether EMI's new DRM-free catalogue of songs will be included in the deal. Regardless, this is huge news for digital download fans and massive promotion of the already dominating iTunes Store.

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