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Submission + - SPAM: Bird Lives Matter Responds To John Oliver

An anonymous reader writes: Statement from the Official Spokesbeak for Bird Lives Matter, in response to Mr. John Oliver’s appalling video attack on America’s birds.
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Submission + - Birds And Bums Can Bond On The Beach (

An anonymous reader writes: Ah, it’s finally summer! Which of course means fun in the sun on the beach! Even though we’re all having fun chasing Pokémons, playing beach volleyball or flying kites, surfing, reading trashy novels, roasting marshmallows and drinking beverages festooned with colorful paper umbrellas, it’s easy to overlook those who live at the beach.

I am referring to birds — beach-nesting and beach-feeding birds. Unfortunately, one moment of disregard by holidaymakers, Pokémon hunters, free-roaming dogs or a runaway volleyball can be disaster for shorebird families.

Comment Re:Place Smart Devices on an Isolated VLAN (Score 1) 112

For now, your only concern is that your Samsung Smart TV isn't infecting your other IoT devices? You'll still be mighty pissed off when a "legitimate" ad network lets some ransomware masquerading as an ad come across one of the extra ads Samsung wants to display on your TV... But hey, it's only $200--until you realize that Samsung has no fix or security update... So, nothing prevents you from getting the same ransomware over and over...

And even then, it's only a matter of time before someone figures out how to use your Android-based TV to infect your other Android-based IoT devices on your VLAN.

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