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Comment Let's go after the low-level phone people as well (Score 3, Insightful) 139

In addition to those who perpetuated the scam, I feel that since the Thune, India police know the low-level employees who actually spoke from the scripts, I'd love to see the US indict those people, have them beg their families for Rupees to fight extradition in an Indian court, lose that fight, put them on a plane to the US, then let them beg their families again for $$$ for an expensive American lawyer, then rot in a Federal prison for the next 5+ years, then be banned from the USA for life over the felony conviction. With enough stories like that to go around, even destitute people will refuse to work for scammers--including those working for "Windows Company Support".

I have no sympathy for anyone at any level of this scam, including the low-level people following the scripts and making/answering the calls--those pretending to be IRS agents & scaring old ladies into giving up their life savings. These people know English and therefore know they are impersonating an agent of a foreign government (in this case, the big bad US Government, and its unlimited resources). It stands to reason that the foreign government in question might come after them one day. They probably also got a (teeny tiny) cut of each successful con, which makes this all the worse... Make an example out of them...

Submission + - Feds charge 61 people over Indian call center IRS scams

BUL2294 writes: Following the arrests earlier this month in India of call center employees posing as IRS or immigration agents, USA Today and Consumerist are reporting that the US Department of Justice has charged 61 people in the US and India of facilitating the scam, bilking millions from Americans thinking they were facing immediate arrest and prosecution.

"According to the indictment — which covers 20 individuals in the U.S. and 32 people and five call centers in India — since about 2012 the defendants used information obtained from data brokers and other sources to call potential victims impersonating officers from the IRS or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services."

Submission + - SPAM: Bird Lives Matter Responds To John Oliver

An anonymous reader writes: Statement from the Official Spokesbeak for Bird Lives Matter, in response to Mr. John Oliver’s appalling video attack on America’s birds.
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Submission + - Birds And Bums Can Bond On The Beach (forbes.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Ah, it’s finally summer! Which of course means fun in the sun on the beach! Even though we’re all having fun chasing Pokémons, playing beach volleyball or flying kites, surfing, reading trashy novels, roasting marshmallows and drinking beverages festooned with colorful paper umbrellas, it’s easy to overlook those who live at the beach.

I am referring to birds — beach-nesting and beach-feeding birds. Unfortunately, one moment of disregard by holidaymakers, Pokémon hunters, free-roaming dogs or a runaway volleyball can be disaster for shorebird families.

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