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Comment Verizon.. who the *&$^ are you.. (Score -1, Redundant) 135

Verizon.. who the *&$^ are you.. to redirect EMERGENCY calls. I do not care if the holdout users shove the phone in their ass and over charge it hoping for an explosion. You block or redirect a legitimate emergency call you should go to jail. The management who thought this up and approved it should go to jail.

Comment This is by design (Score 3, Insightful) 88

This of course runs afoul of many countries consumer protection laws. And, any corporation this size has enough funds and legal staff to know this. It also has the ability to set up proper policies before launching a service. Even when rushing to be third to market.

However, AT&T also knows that any punishment is likely to be a slap on the wrist and an order to comply in the future and is deemed an acceptable expense, and possibly lesser than the expense to set it up right, and respect customers.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 180

I don't have enough room on my phone to hold that much music. I could use a cloud alternative, but then that would require me to buy a shit ton of albums, and then clog up harddrive space with ripped CD's. Streaming doesn't really use up that much data, so it's really not a problem for me. My biggest issue is ads on YouTube while I'm on mobile. They should switch to some static image or something if you're on mobile.

If you pay the $10 per month for google play, you get bonus youtube features, including no ads, and plays with screen off (stopping the video stream as far as I can tell)

To answer the GP's Why question... I have a 64GB phone. It is full with apps, photos and some music. With streaming (google play in my case), I can get any song I want, and even have it recommend new music. I have found several new bands this way.

Comment Simple... (Score 2) 34

Allow apps from unknown sources = NO

This is the default on most devices (except cheap chinese stuff with backdoors)

The only reason it should be on is if you are a developer, or smart enough to use an alternative app store that may not be safe. Others use it to get haked versions of games/apps and whatever herpes comes with that.

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