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Comment Re:Who is Kurzweil? Why should I care? (Score 0) 174

I did make a point. He has made achievements. But that does not mean all he says is gold. Changing horses to Obama serves what point? To get a dig in at a president you do not like? The Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded was largely political and pointless to be sure.

However, how does that lessen someone else's accomplishments in another field, including an earned degree, not just an awarded prize.

Personally, I think you need to start drinking coffee instead of poo. Your debating skills may be keener.

Comment Re:Who is Kurzweil? Why should I care? (Score 4, Interesting) 174

Well, he does have a B.S. from MIT, the Grace Hopper Award, and the National Medal of Technology. So to say he is an idiot is more like ego stroking for you and not a true statement.

Now, not believing the future he sees is another thing. I don't believe most of it, but he makes some good points. Do I believe in some unseen singularity that will merge man and machine and boom all will be good? No, just as I do not believe in a mystical sky being who's son's blood is wine.

But, his statement that while things seem worse, they are not is very true. We live in a society that thrives off of BAD news. It sells. And we can get it instantly. Even if there is less of it to report, it seems like there is more.

Do I think that AI and automation will surpass us one day? Yes. I do not think it will be in my lifetime, but it will happen. And, I have no predilection as to whether it will be a Butlerian Jihad moment or the saving of mankind. Why, because I know that it is impossible to see the future. Otherwise I would have my fusion powered flying car by now.

Comment Not a radio engineer... (Score 1) 114

But, I do go to lots of concerts and large events. It seems that this is not a good solution. Most venues I have been to have great signal. The problem seems to be backhaul not enough for demand, or not enough bandwidth (frequency space) in the spectrum.

Perhaps drones could create micro cells with short range and use a different frequency to comm back to the main tower. However, it would seem cheaper and more prudent just to put a small AP like antenna mounted under certain seats or to other structures in the venue. Even then that does not fix backhaul issues. If your DS3 is full you are just not getting more through it, and in the carrier's defense, it does not seem financially sound to add more backhaul to a place that only sporadically sees high traffic demands.

Comment Re:I hope it's a social engineering service hack (Score 2) 43

Some of the more recent hacks are CSRs but not for twitter or the hacked account location. Thy have been performed by social engineering the account holders cellphone provider. Then you can get a sim with their number. Once that is done anything with 2 factor on that phone is gone. Also if that phone is used for password recovery of any accounts they are done for.

Comment Re:Qualcomm (Score 4, Insightful) 58

swilden, thank you.

This friends is the slashdot of old, where you you could get intelligent, in depth information from an engineer close to the source, or an astronomer talking about mods to their statistical analysis packages.

There was always a political echo chamber and a certain level of douchbaggery, but this is what made the site shine. I have been here in various guises since 97 or so.

Thanks again for helping keep this place great.

Comment Re:Are antivirus (especially free one) still relev (Score 2) 104

Your reliance on ad hominem (the animal porn jibe), shows the weakness of your position. MS Defender is just that-decent. I manage a shop that handles 100s of PCs a month. We used to recommend Defender (MSSE at that time). It is free, lightweight, and had a good capture percentage. The capture percentage has steadily dropped for 1.5 years or more. This is born out in serious real world (not PC world) testing and in our experience.

User training and good web and spam filtering should always be the first line of defense, but when determining security, there are much better free options than Defender.

Also, you are more likely to get a virus from a religious site than a porn site, my proclivities for donkey sex be dammed. http://irregulartimes.com/2013...

Furthermore, you know where most of our infections come from? For businesses it is targeted spam, and occasional drive-by malware. For home users it is free streaming sites (download this updated flash player to watch GoT), or kids trying to get the newest free mod/cheat for minecraft (sometimes other games, but mostly 9-12 year olds and minecraft).

Comment Re:Roku + Plex Media Server (Score 1) 226

Sorry, I misunderstood your question. My Plex server is just a Win 10 box. On my network it has SMB shares, so I just copy files as normal to the box. I then use the plex web interface to rescan the media folders. This is of course if I am not sitting at it, as it is also my main desktop/gaming rig and I am often at that desk.

Basic setup is 250GB SSD for OS, 2TB storage drive, and 3TB backup drive (this is a mirror of my versioned and encrypted online backups using maxbackup). Storage drive is organized into folders for me and my GF, then into music, movies, and personal videos under each parent. Plex libraries match the folder structure for ease of use, and the root of this tree is a share for file access.

Comment When two turds float in the same toilet... (Score 1) 104

..do they smell as bad?

AVG has sucked for years, both in resource utilization and questionable behavior. Avast likes to spam for paid subs, even though the last I looked they had a decent catch rate.

I don't see myself using or recommending them ever unless something changes. My current recommendation to customers is BitDefender free. Lightweight, quiet, and works. That is if they don't want to spring for our managed product (which uses a customized version of bitdefender for the AV portion of the service).

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