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Comment Re:The famous post for those inclined.... (Score 1) 105

At the time the lab computers I was using to test on were shiny new 486dx2 (66mhz). They did not have enough drive space for OS (win 3.11) and the floppy sets so I had to FTp direct to floppy, I think this slowed it down. Later when I needed updated floppies I took my existing box and found an open NFS mirror (probably spent 2 hours probing nfs servers) and downloaded direct to floppy again. I think this was faster, and the back of my brain says it was sunsite, but maybe it was UIUC that I was downloading from. I was at a little community college in VA. That box became our first webserver as a test and was quickly moved over to one of our neXt boxes with more drive space. Ahhh compiling mosaic on motorola.. how I miss thee..

Comment Re:YouTube video showing BGA damage under microsco (Score 2) 222

The price of these phones is 550 to 650 US. I love the video and this kind of work, but how economically feasible is it for an owner? A shop equipped like that probably charges 75 to 150 per hour. Full disassembly, reassembly and microsoldering I would assume is at least 3 hours. That is 1/4 to 1/2 the device price for a repair that may not last.

I love performing electronic repairs, although I do not have practice (and wonder how good I would be) on devices this small. However I do not see the economic feasibility... someone enlighten me.

Comment Figures.... (Score 3, Insightful) 151

I only use FB for communication with some hard headed family members that can't be bothered to understand email and a bit of business related stuff. The 3rd time an update set auto-play videos back to on on my mobile devices (wasting my data for their shit), I uninstalled. I check once every week or so from a desktop. FB can go fuck itself.

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