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Comment Technical Controls (Score 4, Insightful) 95

If police can do it, so can "the bad guys". Why aren't there better technical barriers in place to prevent this sort of thing? If this snooping is illegal, that's a great first step, but why are these devices even able to work? Are the mobile carriers working with law enforcement to enable these devices, or just indifferent to it?

When it came to light that law enforcement was abusing their power by indiscriminately snooping on internet traffic, we started to see more websites use encryption (birth of Let's Encrypt). When it came to light that law enforcement was abusing their power regarding accessing information stored on a phone, we started to see widespread use of device encryption (Android and iOS now encrypt by default). Is StringRay abuse the precursor to the next iteration of mobile security?

Comment Best Language Ever (Score 2, Funny) 427

They've finally done it! Java is now indisputably the best programming language available! They finally fixed all of the bugs! It's the most secure language available! Best of all, Oracle opened source the whole JVM under a copy-left license! Java 8 is indeed a game changer! These are exciting times indeed!

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