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Submission + - iPhone 4S Has Been Jailbroken By Dev-Team (

Diggester writes: Unless their chipset has already been exploited and jailbroken on a previous device, it takes a lot of time for the iOS jailbreaking community to come with a jailbreak for a new iOS device. The iPhone 4S and iPad 2, both of which are based on a still (bootrom) unexploited dual-core A5 chip, haven’t received a jailbreak for iOS 5 yet, but it appears that they’ll be getting one soon as a certain eminent iPhone hacker has let us know that the iPhone 4S has already been jailbroken with a jailbreak for iPad 2 in the works.

Submission + - Pirate Party of Canada Launches First Candidate (

An anonymous reader writes: The Pirate Party of Canada has is running a candidate in a by-election — the first Pirate candidate in North America. Jeff Coleman, a small business owner in the Canadian city of Winnipeg, will run for the PPCA in the November 29th federal by-election in the riding of Winnipeg North. This is a landmark for the Pirate Party of Canada and something for their supporters in Canada and elsewhere to celebrate!

Submission + - InnoDB Dropped From Oracle MySQL Classic Edition ( 2

dkd903 writes: In a move to make MySQL more profitable, Oracle has dropped support for InnoDB storage engine from the MySQL Classic edition which is available for free. So this free version of MySQL – the classic edition is left with only one storage engine, that is MyISAM. InnoDB Storage engine will be available only from MySQL Standard edition and above which starts at US$2000.

Submission + - Foxconn conditions still appalling (

bossanovalithium writes: A new report from rights group Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM) says conditions at the notorious Shenzhen factory in China have not improved.

Despite public breast-beating and treats for staff such as days out at worker rallies — what fun! -Foxconn and its customers, which include Apple, HP and Dell, are still treating workers as machines, says SACOM.

The organisation interviewed 100 Foxconn workers to reach its conclusions, and says, most notably, that the promised pay rise to Y2,000 per month has failed to materialise — indeed, most workers haven't even been told about it.

"This is the result of permanent pressure from buyers on their suppliers to produce cheaper," says Chantal Peyer, from the Swiss NGO Bread for All, which supports the findings of the report.

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