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Journal Journal: Moderation and the little kid. (A rant about intelligence)

Hm. So I was looking at my kharma, and at my moderated posts. And most of my attempts at being funny have been modded up. I have a kharma of 5, and I've posted six comments. Interesting. (Well, three of the comments received no moderation at all, but the newer three were moderated... but there's still a bit of a balance there)

  Now, I don't think myself too conceited or anything. It's sheer luck of the draw that my funnier comments should be noticed. (Although, I should show this site to my friends who say that I am easily amused)

  And this amazes me. Why? How is it that a fifteen-year-old girl can have a higher kharma rating than say, someone older? How can I be that much more intelligent than the morons who spam Slashdot? I'm probably half their respective ages! A lot of things in this world amaze me though. Like how I can be more tolerant of people of other races than my entire family. Like how I can be perfectly okay with people being homosexual, while everyone at my school use the word "gay" as a negative adjective and/or intensifier.

  And now I see the answer to my question. Stupid people are stupid because parents/friends/teachers/community/society teach them to be stupid, and I just happened to get proper exposure to all the right sources. A mom to teach me a limited degree of tolerance and nonviolence, and media to make up for what she couldn't provide (like all those kids shows that make a big deal about tolerance and acceptance). And I never had friends to teach me the group perspective; in fact, several of my friends were of other races, and our opinions almost ALWAYS differed.

  So I guess now I understand why Trolls are Trolls. They just don't know any better.

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