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Comment Re: No surprise... (Score 1) 150

It appears he demarcated the line at 5%.

The life-blood of corporations is money, and humans are naturally greedy, so it is obvious that a corporation will raise the price of a product or service to the maximum that the market can realistically support, factoring in everything such as negative perception bias, etc. When corporations forget that last part, you get $600 Epi-Pens (Heather Bresch) or Daraprim increasing in cost 56x (Martin Shkreli).

Comment Re:Distributed Trackers (Score 3, Informative) 60

The distributed hash table (DHT) functionality in BitTorrent doesn't include the ability to mod the torrent (good quality, fake, etc), which is how junk torrents are filtered out from real ones. Plus, not all BitTorrent clients support DHT, so you reduce the peers, which is where the real power comes from with BitTorrent.

Comment 3DTV is the wrong 3D (Score 1) 399

3DTV used the wrong 3D, the "fake your eyes into thinking you're there" kind of 3D. What would be far more useful and likely adopted quicker is the free viewpoint 3D, where the user can choose their own camera perspective, not being locked into what the director chose.

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