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Comment Re:AI killing industry (Score 1) 120

Who really cares if it's only 90% similar to actual actor's voices; if it's close enough or just sounds good/appropriate for the video content, that's enough for most people. Would I be so put-off by not having a specific actor's voice that I wouldn't watch a movie? Can't see that happening, except for some die-hard supporters or fan-boys of specific actors.

Comment Re: Not Quite Right (Score 1) 227

No teat sucking required, just use BitTorrent. Zero commercials, available minutes after a show airs. Why anyone still submits themselves to corporate teat sucking is puzzling. Maybe to give the author a few pennies for all the dollars the corporation gobbles up. Better if there was a donate button for the authors to get full funds directly, decouple from distribution.

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