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Comment Re:Cheap? (Score 1, Insightful) 344

"Nuclear waste" is mostly unspent fuel that can be reprocessed and used again. The US just decided not to invest in the facilities to do so. The remainder of the reactor output is short-lived radiologicals useful for medicine and some other isotopes that can be used as fuel in a molten-salt reactor. Nuclear "waste" isn't a fundamentally difficult problem.

Submission + - The Rust programming language reaches 1.0 alpha (rust-lang.org)

c0d3g33k writes: Rust, a new a systems programming language with a focus on safety, performance and concurrency, has released the 1.0 alpha version of the language. This means that the language and core libraries are feature-complete for the 1.0 release. In practical terms, this means that the rate of change experienced by early adopters will slow down dramatically and major breaking changes should be very rare (during the alpha cycle some major changes may still occur if considered necessary). The language will stabilize further when the beta stage is reached (planned for six weeks from now). More details can be found in the announcement post at blog.rust-lang.org.

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