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Comment It's old, but it works: (Score 1) 558

Hewlett Packard XW8200 Workstation (bought used six years ago)

  • 8GB RAM
  • 2 3.2GHz Xeon Processors
  • NVidia GeForce 8400 GS
  • NVidia GeForce FX 1500
  • Two 19in 4:3 aspect ratio monitors on either side of a 24in wide-screen monitor
  • 500GB Samsung HDD (boot drive, running Windows 7 Ultimate)
  • 1TB Western Digital HDD (My Documents)
  • External Sony USB DVD-RW
    (this is what's on my desk under my center monitor. The computer is in a server cabinet at the end of the desk, vented through the ceiling)
  • Microsoft split ergonomic media keyboard
  • Gear Head cordless mouse

My background is in printing and typesetting with a short side trip into web design. I'm currently unemployed and looking for something not computer-related.

Comment Re:$5 Day or Month? (Score 1) 216

I have the FreedomPop Overdrive Pro (3G/4G) on Sprint as my mobile internet in my car. I use a Nexus 7 as my GPS and entertainment, and don't even have a regular stereo in the vehicle. It works well enough for Pandora or NPR and for some navigation every now and then. I spend far less time in my car than a lot of people, so their 500MB/mo plan is usually adequate, but I'm using more as each month goes by. The next step up, 2GB/mo for $19.99, is probably in the cards for me soon. That's 2GB on 3G that Verizon wanted to charge me $50/mo for! So... would I pay $5/day for internet access in my car? Hell no!

Comment It's easy! (Score 3, Insightful) 539

Most of your geekiest friends are intelligent people who can tear your idea apart and find the flaws, true enough. Just identify the geeks whose ideas you'll trust, but are far too unmotivated to take your idea and run with it. With a little research (you've been playing videogames with these guys at LAN parties for years, so you know who their friends are), you can make sure that you only show your idea to the most brilliant intellectually, but hopelessly inept socially. They'll never get it off the ground! And all for the price of a cup of coffee or a pizza! Win/win!

Comment Re:Still... (Score 2, Informative) 859

I've had an entirely different experience.

We moved into this house (built new) in July 2006. By the end of September we'd replaced every light in the place with a CFL, some 45 or so bulbs. The vanity in the guest bath has four globes and the main bath vanity has eight (it originally had eight *100 watt incandescents!). Most ceiling fixtures have two 40W equivalents, there is a 100W equivalent in a torchiere in the living room and one in the attic, and there are a sprinkling of 60W equivalents in various single-bulb fixtures in closets and stuff. We simply bought the equivalent wattage for whatever came out of the socket. There are four CFL spotlights on the corners of the house, 90W equivalent, on X-10 controllers so we can turn them on from the cars.

Out of the whole damned bunch, I've replaced four of the globes used in the bathroom vanities and one 40W in a closet. That's it! Before we finished replacing the incandescents in the house, two ceiling and two closet bulbs and the one in the attic had already blown (one rather spectacularly) in the first month of living here.

Nobody visiting us has ever noticed the fluorescent lighting unless they see the exposed bulb in the torchiere. The light quality is not noticeably different and we think that we're saving about $25-35 a month on the power bill. So figure it took about 8-10 months to offset the initial cost of the bulbs and I haven't had to drag a ladder out in almost three years.

I'm sold. The only incandescent bulbs still in the house are in the fridge and the oven.


Journal Journal: Windows Vista

I've had Windows Vista Ultimate installed on my game box for about a month now, and I'm ready to switch back to XP. Don't get me wrong, I love the improvments that Microsoft has done, both of them. Areo is verrrrrry nice. Widgets are a nice feature as well. User account controls is a long overdue addition to windows, too bad Microsoft blew it implementing the feature. when I press ctrl-alt-del pop up the goddamned taskmanager!!! Glass is the ugliest theme ever, wtf were you thinking microsoft?

Submission + - Interview with Tesla Motors CEO

hlovy writes: "Martin Eberhard believes in the innate desire of that unique and peculiar animal — the American automobile driver — to do the right thing But Eberhard also knows another inherent truth about the U.S. species of car consumer: The "doing the right thing" instinct is almost always subordinated to an even stronger natural urge... to own a cool ride. More here. Or, you can read my interview with Eberhard here."

Submission + - Can spam be reduced by checking domain maturity?

gmHumfrey writes: It seems to me that most of the URLs in spam email contain domains that were registered in less than 90 days. If the whois databases could be snapshotted, and released as a bulk download + incremental updates for anti-spam software, then a lot of spam (including the picture-spam that is becoming more frequent,where they still try to provide something for you to click on) could be eliminated before reaching the person's inbox. Not a solution, but it would help significantly reduce the amount of spam that is able to be sent. There would be workaround's for this eventually, such as using a redirector url which the antispam engine would have to fetch the url to see where it actually resolves to. What does the slashdot community think about this?

Submission + - Pot plant pics lands MySpace teen in jail

paynesmanor writes: "Authorities were monitoring the web for gang activity when they found a picture of a potted pot plant the lable read: "My Mary Jane thats growin in my closet right now", athorities also found, pictures of weapons, and other people showing gang signs. Athorities tracked the website creater to eighteen-year-old Moua Yang, who used his real name, and even posted a picture of himself. Athorities raided Yang's house and found the pot plant in the closet just like the photo showed. The teenage boy was arrested Monday, and has since been released. The teen faces felony charges of manufacturing marijuana and maintaining a drug trafficking place, he also faces two misdemeanor charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Full story, can be found here. ail?contentId=2684798&version=1&locale=EN-US&layou tCode=TSTY&pageId=3.2.1 Or here, 2007/03/15/0703150229.php"

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