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Submission + - Talkers appear as leaders

wagr writes: "Jeffrey Kluger writes in Time (http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1878358,00.html) about research that Cameron Anderson and Gavin Kilduff did on perceptions on leadership. The results are surprising to at least some:

"When Anderson and Kilduff checked the participants' work, however, a lot of pretenders were exposed. Repeatedly, the ones who emerged as leaders and were rated the highest in competence were not the ones who offered the greatest number of correct answers. Nor were they the ones whose SAT scores suggested they'd even be able to. What they did do was offer the most answers — period.""

Submission + - Solar Wind Blowing Lightly (sciencemag.org)

wagr writes: Phil Berardelli, for ScienceNOW Daily News, writes:

Scientists monitoring a joint European Space Agency (ESA)-NASA solar probe in the waning months of its 18-year mission have collected a fortuitous but startling set of data. The solar wind--a steady stream of charged particles flowing outward from the sun in all directions at about 1.5 million kilometers per hour--is currently blowing at the lowest intensity ever recorded.


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