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Comment Re:Open book for thee, privacy for we (Score 2) 440

Depends on what form of payment and the agreement the shop has with the bank. For credit card purchases in the US, companies can sometimes get a lower fee if they send along the line items on the receipt being paid for. To accept most corporate cards, a shop is required to send a lot of information about the transaction to the bank.

Comment Continuous is a lot (Score 1) 490

Because voting on everything takes a lot of time.

Want to watch a football game? No, sorry, have to enter my vote for whether to change the wording on the outdated form otherwise the folks on the other side of the issue will (or will continue to) commit fraud. And after that, I need to vote on whether to create an exception on the sin tax for poor farmers who only sin once or twice. We also have to vote on whether to increase the quorum for a vote to 2.5% because of that bad law that got passed this morning with only 2.1% of the registered voters actually voting on it. Then, there is the coming issue of whether we should ban something I forget. What was the question again?

Comment I had similar experiences, needed stronger lenses (Score 1) 464

When I got a pair of progressive lenses, I encountered similar problems. I explained the issues to my optometrist and he used some extra lenses to work with me to pick out the parts of the lenses that I found difficult or impossible to use. The short answer was that the corrective in the lower and outer portions of the lenses was (were?) not as strong as it should have been, which narrowed the in-focus field, and led to the "tennis match" reading style. With the lenses replaced, I can read across a page without swinging my head. It still doesn't cover dual monitors, but that is due to the glasses not being wide enough. Note: I keep one large monitor directly in front of me and a smaller second off to the side.

Comment Not an independent machine ranking of the work (Score 1) 55

This not a machine picking out what authors are worthy of digitizing, it is a computer scanning wikipedia and a few other sites. In other words, it is meta: ranking what regular humans have already ranked by their words and effort to describe. The merit of the critics/reviewers is questionable.

Deciding what is worth digitizing based on the merit of the work itself is not part of this article. For now, I'll stick with librarians deciding what to focus on.

Comment Missing letter: k (Score 2) 141

Aiming for top 50k apps. Anything less than supporting all the apps I use simply diminishes the value. I don't need to switch to a less valuable device.
The type of people who value less closed systems are also those, as a group, with a wide range of needs. If I value my privacy and am willing to use less popular devices, why would I then be willing to use the most popular apps?

What I believe the ecosystem needs more than another device are apps that provide features available in the popular ones, but with the least possible amount of information gathering or sharing.

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