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Comment Re:Life-friendly products (Score 1) 422

would you eat at a restaurant if you found out the chef and his cooks not only did not receive tips from the waitstaff, but worked 12-14 hours a day standing up, with no health benefits, in a hyper-macho prison-like social environment? thats the culinary industry. dont take my word for it though. find a chef and find out for yourself. at least the game programmers can sit down in an air-conditioned room without threat of being knifed in the ass "accidentally". the worst thatll happen is an aspergers outbreak among the cubicles... -0.

Comment Re:To video game developers I have only one thing (Score 1) 422

um. look at the culinary industry. it treats its employees worse and yet people still want to be cooks. form a labor union???? LOLOLOLOLOL. been there done that. not gonna happen when all management has to say to get the workers on their side is to dangle the promise of higher pay for those dont join the union. *poof* there goes yer leverage. not even timothy hutton can help you when yer already starving...

Comment honestly (Score 1) 376

if lack of cell phone reception causes you to worry about your safety, you have no business hiking *anywhere* your cell phone reception is anything less than 4 bars...

stay in the city.

or bring a hiking buddy and register with the local Park Ranger.

Comment Re:$10 mil per year (Score 5, Funny) 414

i really dont understand why they used c++, when faster development platforms are available. python is perfectly adequate. so is AS3. look at farmville. kotick should listen up considering zynga just got bought by the google. mandating c++ is just a charity-case for old, bearded programmers who couldnt program their way out of an eclipse IDE. ah well. we cant all be smart. some have to drive on by with their gcc and gdb lunchpails in the special bus...

Comment Re:in Culture, you are all Hacks (Score 1) 1115

seriously, the answers to this question are as facile as a 1st semester comp-sci major espousing the benefits of LISP as it pertains to programming thats functional. its too bad there isnt a Slashdot for the cultural elite. because, unless you have an MFA you have no "business" even attempting to answer this question. i wish i could go point for point, and eviscerate the logic of every single one of your arguments, but im too busy Creating Work to care. -0.

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