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Submission + - Is "anonymous web browsing" possible/feasible? (hp.com)

An anonymous reader writes: An interesting perspective on what it truly means to "browse the web anonymously". It's not just removing cookies and using the "Incognito" mode in your Chrome browser — there are financial and privacy implications that most people, even in security, aren't thinking about. This blog post lays some of that out, and starts asking questions that really need thought!

Comment WHOA... nice timing (Score 2, Interesting) 345

YOU sir, have amazing timing! I just wrote a 2-part article on this topic! Interesting... mine was published http://portal.spidynamics.com/blogs/rafal/archive/2008/05/06/Static-Code-Analysis-Failures.aspx The Solution: http://portal.spidynamics.com/blogs/rafal/archive/2008/05/15/Hybrid-Analysis-_2D00_-The-Answer-to-Static-Code-Analysis-Shortcomings.aspx Comments welcome!! Interesting that this topic is getting so much attention all of the sudden

Submission + - Swimming Terrorists! (ishackingyou.com)

"Rafalski" writes: "Wired's Danger Room Blog is reporting that scientists at the Acoustical Society of America will present some ground-breaking achievements at next month's meeting. Apparently, they now have a way, using sonar and some advanced software techniques and lots of expensive equipment, to track potential underwater swimming terrorists in our ports! The article features what they call an "acoustic tripwire" which can analyze ambient noise at a choke-point port entrance, and detect suspicious activity and track it! This is all really interesting but — why wouldn't Johnny Jihad simply jump into the water inside one of these choke-points? Personally — I think we have bigger problems than terrorists with submersible bombs swimming into our ports to blow themselves up."
The Internet

Submission + - How Will the Internet Look in 2017?

Trey Perry writes: "Hello, Slashdot! I recently published an article that takes a look at where the Internet — and, more specifically, Web technologies — might be headed over the next decade or so. While I didn't touch on some inevitable events that Slashdot readers might keenly point out, like our migration from IPv4 to IPv6, I wrote the article mainly to inspire conversation and debate.

Given the rare level of insight that is still on display around here, I wanted to know what the Slashdot community thought about the future of the Internet. Where do you think the Internet will stand in 2017?"
The Internet

Journal Journal: Only hot people need apply 6

Before I spill the beans, let me simply say that I agree with the overall sentiment expressed by the co-creator of the site I'm about to tell you about.

That said, a new dating site has come into existence which is only for hot looking people. Yeah, yeah, discrimination, blah, blah, blah.


Submission + - Bankrupt AMD: Means Cheap Chips for Us

bagopa writes: Chip maker Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NYSE: AMD) may be planning another round of price cuts and may be looking to tap financial markets to offset its negative cash flow, according to one research analyst. This cant be good for them, but its sure good for the consumer. I'll be picking up my heavily discounted a64 soon.


Remlap Software writes: "Hot on the heels of the success enjoyed by YouRipper and KnowledgeBASE, the latest application to be launched by UK Software House, Remlap Software is set to transform MP3 downloading. Clickster is an easy to use application, which searches and downloads MP3 files directly from the Internet and not from other P2P users. In this way, Clickster provides a comprehensive and credible alternative for users who do not wish to access P2P networks such as Limewire and Bearshare. Sourcing MP3's, which are hosted on web servers means that, Clickster's download speeds are lightening fast in comparison to P2P networks and this intuitive and direct searching facility ensures that, there are no dead or broken links. "Most users are struck, by just how easy this application is to use", commented Clickster's author, Robert Palmer. "Often, mainly for security reasons, people do not feel confident about accessing P2P networks and very often find Bit Torrent clients too confusing and geekish to use." With Clickster any track can be previewed in its integral MP3 player and unlike P2P networks, Clickster allows you to play/stream tracks without having to download them first. Downloading too, is a simple point and click process, with some impressive download speeds. With over 25 million MP3 tracks already sources and available for download, together with rapid download speeds and ease of use, Remlap Software are confident Clickster out-performs all other online services or software of a similar nature. At less than 1.8mb, Clickster is a small, yet powerful application, which can even be installed and run from a Flash-Drive, allowing the user to utilise the benefits of Clickster on the move. Remlap Software are keen to stress that, unlike P2P networks, Clickster is not about illegally downloading music. "There are vast numbers of unsigned bands and budding musicians who are making their work available, for free and are happy for any exposure they can get, in order to develop their profile and following", said Robert Palmer, who continued, "So, while it is possible to illegally download copyrighted material with Clickster, this is not something we condone or encourage". Clickster is supplied around the world as FREEWARE and has been independently verified to contain No Spyware, Adware or Malware. Direct download — http://downloads.remlapsoftware.com/clickster110.e xe Windows PC 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista -ENDS- No Copyright Fee Required Full permissions are given to include/publish Clickster on any media including magazine CD Rom cover disks."

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