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Comment Chinese bet did not turn out well? (Score 1) 199

Well they though that it is a spy drone to track Chinese submarines in the area. Therefore they took it and looked inside. They did not find the drone advanced enough for a detailed study or there was not enough evidence in the drone to support claim that it is designed to spy submarines. Blunder. The drone really can be claimed to be a research device and it is not very advanced. So they return it and try to cover their mistake by complaining that US went public about their stealing.

Comment Re: Time for war (Score 4, Interesting) 406

Here is a possible reason why Chinese did it:

"China is very sensitive about unmanned underwater vehicles because they can track our nuclear ballistic missile submarines fleet," said retired Major General Xu Guangyu, a senior researcher at Beijing-based research group the China Arms Control and Disarmament Association. "If one from the Bowditch can be detected and even snatched by a Chinese naval ship, it shows it's getting too close to the sensitive water areas."

Comment Re: What would Trump do? (Score 1) 128

Net export is bigger from Germany than from US. Of course, because US is running a deficit. It has the biggest deficit in the world. About 4 times bigger than UK (the second deficit country).

Export value from US is bigger than from Germany by about 15%. The biggest export is from China. It is abut 42% bigger than from US. If EU could be considered as a single country then it would have about 5% bigger export than China.

Comment Re:Ever the optimist is our Elon (Score 1) 426

People will work for as long as they can to compete with their peers

Do you realize that the pears we are going to compete with are going to be machines in the far future when machines will be more intelligent than pure non-enhanced people. Either people will merge with machines or use genetic engineering heavily to improve themselves to be competitive. There is one other option: pure non-enhanced people will finish like horses did. A small percent of them will survive for the fun of the productive machines (something along the lines like horses are useful in horseracing now).

Universal basic income is possible but I think it is not the most probable option. Why would intelligent productive machines feed all the humans which are unable to compete. I think the most probable option is enhanced humans being able to compete with pure machines. Either by merging with them (cyborgs or mind upload to a machine) or by heavy genetic engineering of humans (wetware).

Comment Re:Saftey & Planning (Score 1) 55

An experienced glider pilot has one more vairometer to use - his own posterior. One can feel speed changes in it :)

Nope. As you say it, own own posterior is an accelerometer, measuring the speed changes, NOT a variiometer, measuring the speed i.e. the position change. You're one derivative wrong.

Right, one cannot integrate it in head for more than a second or few. I wanted to express it is good enough to detect where turbulent air region starts. And from the safety point of view, if you have enough height then it does not matter much whether you are raising or falling. The ground is still far away to have time to correct it before crashing. And near the ground you can even see it. It is important to know the speed so that one does not stall or cross Vne. But even if speed dial would break in some very unfortunate event ... it is not all lost since near stall the plane starts to shake and the aerodynamic noise changes quite a bit with raising speed. So just keeping the plane in a comfortable noise level will make sure you are not going to cross Vne. Well this is true at least in low altitudes. May be in very thin air the aerodynamic noise is different enough to cause trouble. But I'm not trying to indicate one should fly without instruments.

Comment Re:Saftey & Planning (Score 2) 55

An experienced glider pilot has one more vairometer to use - his own posterior. One can feel speed changes in it :) Also one does not see how air moves, the pilot can feel whether the plane is nearing the turbulent region. This together with general knowledge about thermal ans waves helps a great deal.

No idea why Bigelow screwed up. Gliders are built for turbulent weather. When one is targeting thermals then it is the turbulent parts of the atmosphere the plane is heading to. Stall speed is typically about 40 knots and Vne (top speed) is about 120 knots at low altitudes. The range is quite big. And it is not a big deal to get below the stall speed if you have enough height. You just lose part of that height. I experienced stall in a glider myself a few times. Not a big deal. On the other side crossing your Vne is almost as good as trying to kill yourself real hard. It is not easy to fly when your wings break off :) Whatever Bigelow did, he should try not to cross his Vne. Crossing Vne was probably a consequence of something else though.

Comment Re:Saftey & Planning (Score 4, Informative) 55

They do not want to catch a raising column of hot air (thermal). They want to catch a wave downwind of a mountain. The waves reach considerably higher than the mountain which generates them. Thermals are typically very bumpy. Waves are typically extremely steady. Only their middle part (the rotor) is bumpy but you can avoid that. This should be quite a steady flight.

Comment Re:Family member's WIN computer got locked out (Score 1) 581

Windows is becoming less and less relevant for gaming. Most people game on smartphones/tablets or consoles and SteamOS is gaining more support by the day.

As for as the number of players you are probably right. But most gaming revenue is still on PC:

But the trend indicates the mobile platforms will eventually prevail.

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