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Comment Re:This is retarded conservatism to help 'coal' (Score 1) 433

His link is probably not as invalid as some people would like it to be. Here is another one:
Look at the chart of the current and future prices of electricity. The current prices per MWh are:
* coal $40
* wind $80
* solar $100
Though renewables are expected to bet cheaper than coal somewhere around 2030.

Comment Re:Fusion Drives... (Score 2) 144

Once the DIMM packaged versions become available, thats when Optane will really start to take off - slightly slower than DRAM, but not much, but considerably cheaper than DRAM for the same capacity ...

35 times bigger latencey of the current Optane memory when compared to DRAM is hardly "slightly" slower.
Look at the latency comparison table in the middle of this article.

Comment Re: It's just too expensive (Score 1) 251

Coal is expensive in Slovakia too. Almost all of the other part of the "system fee" (which is not spent on subsidizing solar) is spent on subsidizing coal. Coal is better than solar but worse than nuclear based on the data in the invoice. The invoice states that 13% of electricity is from coal. The coal subsidy is smaller than half of the "system fee". Let's say it is 0.4 (just a guess to get some idea how it may look like, I only know for sure that it is less than half of the "system fee"). Therefore, based on the invoice, the coal subsidy compared to the nuclear subsidy is about (8.459*0.4/13) / (3.852/53) = 3.6 time bigger.
Anyway, the subsidized coal power plant is going to be shut down. That is good.

Comment Re: It's just too expensive (Score 1) 251

Well, without some additional data about energy subsidizes in Slovakia your claim can be also interpreted as:
In some countries, solar is one of the cheapest sources of energy

because of a political regulatory process and has little relationship to reality.

In other words, nobody really knows what is actually cheaper if sweeping claims like you posted are allowed.

Comment Re: It's just too expensive (Score 1) 251

Well, may be it is so in USA. But It is hard to argue against an invoice which has nicely written all the components of the final price and what the components are used for. I assume you want to indicate that the invoice is intentionally deceiving. Why would they do it? They can be held liable for false information on invoices.
As for as the wind energy, there is hardly any ground level wind in Slovakia. This is probably not true for other countries. Only 0.21% of all electricity is produced from wind.

Comment Re:It's just too expensive (Score 1) 251

I have one invoice here for electricity from Slovakia, EU.
It contains an item called system fee: 8.459 EUR per MWh of all delivered energy
It also contains an item called nuclear fund fee: 3.852 EUR per MWh of all the delivered energy
Most of the "system fee" is used to support solar power plants. Let's be generous to solar and let's say only half of the "system fee" is to support solar. Solar power plants produced 3.15% of all the delivered energy. Nuclear power plants produced 53% of all the delivered energy. Therefore the solar energy is at least (8.459*0.5/3.15) / (3.852/53) = 18.47 times more expensive than nuclear in Slovakia. I do not understand how people can claim solar is cheaper than nuclear when the invoice here indicates that the subsidy paid to solar is more than 18 times bigger than subsidy paid to nuclear per 1 kWh of the energy produced by given source.

Comment Re:MS used to ban people for useing there own hdd' (Score 1) 266

For reference, the max bandwidth of USB2.0 is 480mbit, or about 60MB/sec.

60MB/sec includes low level protocol overhead. You cannot achieve that number. The actual maximum theoretical transfer speed for useful data is 53 MB/s. This can be further limited by the used HW/SW. If you have really good HW/SW then you should achieve at least 43 MB/s.

Comment Re:"throttle" to ZERO (Score 1) 122

But tabs I am not looking at, (by default) should use ZERO CPU. I get that I might launch several tabs quickly and want to allow them to load. So, allow some time for them to load, but then cut it to zero.

Give me the OPTION to change this behavior. Give me the OPTION to play music in background (either globally, or on a specific tab). And for gosh sake, SHOW ME how much CPU each tab is using (optionally). Then I will know to avoid the sites that are using my browser to bitcoin-mine.

This! I was reading this discussion to find out whether I need to post myself. You did it for me. Thanks :)
No freaking way should background tabs run scripts by default.

Comment Re: A new fad? (Score 3, Informative) 339

The man difference between a concept and an interface is in the time when the dispatching to some specific called code is resolved.

Concepts resolve the call during compile time. This can lead to binary code bloat since the calling code needs to be "cloned" for each called code.

Interfaces resolve the call during run time. It can reuse the caller code but imposes some call overhead (the run time dispatch).

And sometimes you just need the resolving in the run time. If it would not be available then one would be forced to simulate it ... e.g. using dispatch (switch) on e.g. an alternative type (discriminated union). Well, or you could implement vtable manually if the language gives you enough power (pointer arithmetic) to do it.

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