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Comment Re:Maybe just profit taking? (Score 2) 296

This is the most likely scenario. The market is a beautiful thing...probably several big whales decided to cash out, meaning the supply spiked causing the price to go down. The ignorance of looking at a 24 hour 17% drop vs a 300% 12 month raise is astounding. I would think most people who understand financial markets would not be this ignorant to call this a "crash"

Comment Re:"I don't know a single person who has" (Score 1) 153

I don't know anyone who invested in gold, therefore gold is a useless metal. WTF kind of logic do these people use?

I've paid for my entire vacation this summer with my Coinbase SHIFT card and bought several trips and hotel rooms through Expedia. I win and come on top every time. All these idiots talking about how useless Bitcoin is makes my head hurt....

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