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Comment Re:Wherever data is collected, it is abused (Score 1) 165

I've heard tell that in Iceland, where the patronymics can be matronymics (?) - they just don't care - and then bastardy would have less of an impact, but I suppose the kids at school wouldn't be overly kind even in that kind of environment. "you've got no dad" But I haven't heard of many places like Iceland, anyway.

People like to pretend today that a lot of our western cultural mores aren't related to religion, but they are. We'd become accustomed to optimal nuclear family units and bastardy was considered more negative than when it was just a mechanism to make sure the 'right' heir got the land. In the Middle Ages, 'sport' was the term for going to the local whorehouse and having some fun, and nobles took it for granted that they could satisfy their lusts with whomever caught their eye.

Comment Re:Wherever data is collected, it is abused (Score 3, Informative) 165

My older brother was killed when I was about 20. Sad times all around, he left behind two kids and it was a dumb accident with alcohol and drugs involved. Anyway, the same guy from the previous story was at the wake. In the line walking up to the casket, he was mouthing off to the other people paying respects, claiming that my father was responsible for his death and needed to own that. Which was ludicrous on its face, as my father was nowhere near where the accident happened, but hurtful at that kind of service. Inappropriate thing to say, and even if true shouldn't have been mentioned at that kind of service with his wife and kids around.

I remember drinking to vomit that night and crying my eyes out with my father wishing we could go around the corner and kill the motherfucker.

That was probably the worst one, but there are many more...

Comment Re:Wherever data is collected, it is abused (Score 1) 165

Also, you can say whatever you like, but prostitution has a stigma for the descendants of the female involved. Would you like to question who your natural father or grandfather is? You most likely haven't faced the situation, so it's going to be pretty blithe for you to say you wouldn't care. It's not so easy when you face the situation.

The issue of parenting will always place a stigma on women sleeping around. Bastardy is still a thing and will be forever. Once that part of your life is past, everyone is free to be Blanche from the Golden Girls.

Comment Re:Wherever data is collected, it is abused (Score 1) 165

Graves are actually harder to find than you might think. You have to know a lot about the person to suss this kind of information out - something I discovered searching the Upper Midwest for my wife's lineage - a whole series of Dutch, German and Scandinavian immigrants who proceeded west generation after generation. Another issue is that the older graves tend to suffer from acid rain damage and some of the engravings are hard to read, though this is more of a problem after 100 years than before. A registry would be nice but no one is funded to do it. Some churches and secular cemeteries provide an index but this is haphazard.

Comment Re:Wherever data is collected, it is abused (Score 5, Interesting) 165

Of course it is.

My grandmother was arrested several times during the Second World War on morals charges. Prostitution. Her mother (a very hard nosed woman indeed, battleaxe) ran a bar in Hoboken, NJ. She had three daughters who worked in the bar. During the war, they apparently supplemented their income working in the bar by providing services for custom for all the sailors passing in and out (ha) of the port doing convoys and such. There were fines and they were paid. When the war was over, she stopped making money that way, and got married shortly afterward*.

Now, you may wonder how I know about this, since my grandmother was definitely not forthcoming about this. My mom doesn't know either. But I do. I know because an uncle (by marriage), a real busybody cop on the Hoboken force, went searching through old arrest records and found this. Then, he started talking about it to people. It takes a special kind of douche to tell someone's grandson that their beloved grandmother was a hooker, but there you have it. I literally pissed on the guy's grave when he died (he had other sins unrelated to this).

So, while not all cops are all about this, a lot of them are. My grandfather was on the force and he never had anything to say about anyone. So there is a counter-example. But if the information is juicy, and it often is, people will make efforts to find it and use it in negative ways.

* I think my grandfather knew because of the cryptic comment he made to me, "I married your grandmother to give her some class!"

Comment Re:You keep using that word. 99% of musicians (Score 1) 301

No, it is rent-seeking. Music in the past was sold in terms of public performance and perhaps sheet music - nothing about which I have a beef with. Now they want to get paid for cost-free audio recording duplication without doing any of the work associated with it - they literally charge the costs back to the performer! It's pretty much the definition of rent-seeking.

Comment Dumb discussion (Score 1) 182

Here's why. None of it matters.

Let's talk about analogies. Remember the Manhattan Project? Probably the most significant intervention of geeks in all history. Started off with some busybody physicists and a letter from Einstein. They were convinced that they were doing a good for all mankind by contributing to the destruction of the Nazi state.

The problem was, Hitler was defeated before their bomb came to fruition. Then, some people started getting cold feet about the use of the device. Regretting their intervention in the first place, even.

General Groves' and Oppenheimer's recollections of the project talk quite a bit about prima donna scientists. What should be obvious is that they put up with the geeks for about as long as it took to get what they wanted, and then told them to go fuck themselves.

Leo Szliard found out that his opinion was worthless, as was the opinion of every one of the geeks. The politicians and military had firm control and weren't interested in power sharing or criticism. And the bombs got dropped on civilians.

The takeaway from this is that on climate change, the only time the geeks get listened to is when the politicians have a good reason to make common cause with them...mostly when the goals are congruent. The moment the congruence ends, the geeks get told to go fuck themselves. This mostly means election year pandering with no action. So, therefore, arguing about this is moot. Nothing is going to happen.

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