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Comment Systematic ineptitude within the DNC (Score 1) 769

Never blame on malice that can be better explained by stupidity and incomptetence DWS was to leave after this election cycle anyway. Obamas people wanted her out after 2014, Clintons people wanted her out too but wanted to give her a soft landing until these emails came out. It wasnt a matter of whether she was capable of running the DNC impatially, she was not capable of running the DNC at all. All the emails show is how badly run the DNC was under her tenure she was incomptetent, unprofessional and petty.

Comment Not quite (Score 2) 1718

While the militia did include all free males of military age. The militia was subordinate to civilian authority whether the town council, the sheriff or the governor.
You did not have militia members running off on their own stockpiling guns. A miliita member was expected to drill as a member of the local or state militia, wear a proper uniform and maintain their weapons properly. A militia refusing to recognize civilian authority was considered an insurrection. The "Minutemen" was actually the elite select of the Massachusetts militia.

Comment Hardware plateau? (Score 2) 314

Any computer made in the last 7 years with 2 gb of memory can run windows 10 at a reasonable speed, basically any computer that can run windows 7 well can run windows 10 well. Even gamers are realizing all they really need to replace for most games is the video card. So computers are getting replaced now when they old computer just dies.

What will start computer sales again? Probably when Oculus-like VR drops from $600 to say $200, maybe some breakthrough in 3d projection. Home robots? Who knows, something that demands more computing power.

Comment Private Enterprise vs The State (Score 1) 247

Private companies like facebook or twitter are not required to pay for your microphone that's not what freedom of speech is about. If the government bans you from speaking that is bad. If Facebook pulls your page thats their editorial discretion(also part of the first amendment) then you can move over to reddit or myspace or whatever.

Comment Re:Restaurants (Score 2) 940

At "real sit down restaurants" they usually work for tips which are quite a bit better than $15 an hour.

The type of restaurants that would be effected are fast food places, the type of places that automation would help.

Also though I don't know about you but a mobile robotic drink refill-er would be pretty useful when you have to wait 20 minutes for a server to bring you a refill on your lemonade or coffee.

Comment Re:They wonder why they get no respect (Score 5, Informative) 174

In 2011 a Florida Highway Patrol officer pulled over and cuffed a miami police officer for going 120 mph to a second job.
The FHP officer was harassed by other cops.

"After filing a public records request with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Watts discovered that her personal information had been pulled up by scores of officers from 25 different jurisdictions. Her data had been accessed more than 200 times total."

Comment Re:Nomination Blocked! (Score 1) 188

The crittenden nomination was after the presidential election by a lame duck president. A better counter example would be Grover Cleveland, a Democrat, appointing a justice in April of 1888 an election year. Cleveland also appointed another justice in 1892 also an election year, in both cases congress was controlled by the Republicans and in both cases the nominee was confirmed in short order. Most of 6 failed nominations were in fact defeated not ignored. If a nominee is withdrawn it does not count. Eisenhower appointed william brennan as a recess appointment in 1956 in an election year and the justice was confirmed in the following year.

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