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Comment Re:Removable batteries would not solve this proble (Score 1) 98

1) Most recalled devices never burned up
2) Its not an easy fix if you cant remove the battery yourself
3) See answer 1
4) If the problem is a third party removable battery the manufacturer is not responsible.
5) How much cost $5-$10???? and how come the less expensive phones all have removable batteries if the issue is cost????

Comment Systematic ineptitude within the DNC (Score 1) 769

Never blame on malice that can be better explained by stupidity and incomptetence DWS was to leave after this election cycle anyway. Obamas people wanted her out after 2014, Clintons people wanted her out too but wanted to give her a soft landing until these emails came out. It wasnt a matter of whether she was capable of running the DNC impatially, she was not capable of running the DNC at all. All the emails show is how badly run the DNC was under her tenure she was incomptetent, unprofessional and petty.

Comment Not quite (Score 2) 1718

While the militia did include all free males of military age. The militia was subordinate to civilian authority whether the town council, the sheriff or the governor.
You did not have militia members running off on their own stockpiling guns. A miliita member was expected to drill as a member of the local or state militia, wear a proper uniform and maintain their weapons properly. A militia refusing to recognize civilian authority was considered an insurrection. The "Minutemen" was actually the elite select of the Massachusetts militia.

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