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Comment EU wins... (Score 4, Insightful) 487

Apple CEO Tim Cook said, "... Apple follows the law and we pay all the taxes we owe."

Yes, and the EU's law just said you owe 14 billion. Pay and quit whining about it - maybe if Apple had pulled its profits back into the US, they wouldn't be having these issues.

Comment Re:The small amount of fraud (Score 0, Flamebait) 182

Fuck you, you undemocratic piece of shit. The constitution says nothing about "putting in an effort" or any other such crap. You've proven the original poster's point - that people who complain about those that vote are usually wanting to clear out their notion of undesirable voters (in your case those undesirables that aren't putting in an effort). The question is whether we're going to have a democracy or not. So I reiterate - fuck you, you undemocratic piece of shit.

Comment Re:The question is is there payola involved? (Score 2) 43

Whenever someone "reaches an agreement" payola is involved.

Not necessarily. In this case, Comcast got another bauble for it's array of X1 services and Netflix probably gets closer to some metric like "Integrate to profitable platforms". If both are seen as advantageous by the respective parties, there may not have been any money that changed hands. That may be unlikely, but it is possible.

The part I find odd is that you somehow assume that, outside of providing you with the contracted service for the given price, that the companies involved have some responsibility to run their businesses without other external financial interactions. Does this extend to the other vendors Netflix deals with (like Samsung)? After all, you paid for the TV and so you deserve a rebate from Netflix? I feel dumber for having to type that, but that's what you're saying.

Comment Silicon Valley is a great place to be from (Score 3, Informative) 103

Worked and lived in Mountain View in the late 1980's; visited the peninsula many times since then.

Got out when I realized that I would not be able to afford a house unless I hit the startup lottery.

Also, realized I did not want to rear children in either side of Palo Alto (east or west).

Still, having some direct experience of Silicon Valley has been useful ever since; it helped me get every job I've had since that time.

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