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Comment Re:It's also a drop in all offline shows... (Score 1) 189

Basic Cable dropped from 188 in 2015 to 181 in 2016, up from 66 in '09. Not much of a drop. And separating those out doesn't really make sense - everyone is bidding on the same pitches from the same writers and production companies. Increased competition is driving up costs. It's not like there's a million brilliant writers with series ready to go. And even when you get an amazing show, that doesn't mean the next show/ season will be as good (True Detective, The Bastard Executioner, Mr. Robot). Ain't no sure things.

Comment Nothing good on? Bullshit. (Score 4, Informative) 189

Nothing good on? Bullshit. Here are the show only on FX in the past year, with their RT ratings:

Atlanta 100%
Fargo 98%
Always Sunny in Philadelphia 97%
Archer 97%
People vs. OJ Simpson 97%
The Americans 96%
Better Things 94%
You're the Worst 92%
Man Seeking Woman 90%
American Horror Story 77%
Baskets 70%

That doesn't count all the great shows on HBO (GoT, Westworld, Insecure), AMC (Better Call Saul, Walking Dead), Netflix (Stranger Things, The Crown), Amazon (Fleabag, Good Girls Revolt), and many others.

Also, RTFA - 455 this year is counting only NEW, SCRIPTED (not reality) shows on TV and OTT services like Netflix and Amazon. There's even a chart. Landgraf knows what he's talking about.

Also, many of you are making his point for him. Nobody wants to pay for this (ie watch commercials or subscribe). Each hour of high end TV (not twitch, not pewdiepie, not unboxing, but real scripted TV that can compete in this landscape) costs roughly $2.5 million. So, I just mentioned roughy 170 hours of content above - that's 425 million dollars. Where is that money going to come from?

Comment What part of "private association" do you not get? (Score 2) 398

The NBA is a private association with it's own governing charter. It's a billionaires club. If all of the other members of the club hate you because you have a LONG HISTORY of being a total racist, cheapskate, and litigious dick, it is within their right to throw you out. Additionally, his wife had him declared incompetent, so legality is even less of an issue. As for the "baiting", even if we ignore his long history of bad behavior, he insulted Magic Johnson - one of the greatest players of all time, and the guy who's statue he walks by every time he enters the Staples Center - IN HIS APOLOGY. Yes, he said he was a bad influence him for HAVING HIV. Yes he said he could be "doing more" for the community - the guy who opened hundreds of new businesses in black neighborhoods across LA. Oh, and that apology took him a week, and in the meantime, he said he should have just "paid her off". Also, BOTH teams (including his own) were going to refuse to play (in the playoffs) if the commissioner didn't act. NO ONE liked him, not even those who worked for him. If you want to talk about freedom, how about the freedom to not have to deal with this jerk? I believe they always had the legal authority to kick him out, but his history of litigious dickishness would have cost them billions in legal fees and bad PR. Carpe Diem. And Ballmer (not famous for his likability) will be a HUGE upgrade.

Comment Separated by design (Score 1) 142

In what I like to call "the real world" -ie, the place where no one has heard of commontag, Freebase, or Zemanta, and maybe not even gizmodo - the #tag is the closest you're ever going to get. People use it on twitter and instagram, and advertisers have embraced it. Do any of these giant companies want their users going to other sites? Hell no. Facebook brought back the walled garden, and open systems are going to suffer.

Now that we've realized it's unlikely to happen, would you even want it if it did? If you add an ubuntu link on pinboard, would you want to instantly see all the old ubuntu stories on slashdot? Tag a flickr picture with "hotdog" and see all the tweets about hot dogs? Or take a picture with some app that adds its own tag (#vsco or some such) and see all the other pictures taken with that app? Some of these things actually work, but why? I could see doing something like subscribing to only slashdot/bizarro or gizmodo/tv in your RSS reader, but take a look at the RSS market and no one really gives a shit about that either.

I think wide-area tagging is quasi-useless. Even in closed silos (twitter, instagram), it's a messy sea of miscategorization and gamification. If it helps out the sites search engine, great. If it helps your own organization in whatever tool, great. It may even be good in workgroups - i'm interested to see how it pans out in OS X Mavericks.

Comment Re:Watch that price, NYT (Score 1) 217

If the NYT and Fox News are covering the same story, I want to read the NYT coverage and not Fox News. I don't trust FN, and I do trust NYT (at least I trust them more).

Or read both, and make up your own mind. Everything is slanted, and slimming your intake to just a few trusted sources is dangerous on either side of the political spectrum.

Comment Re:Watch that price, NYT (Score 1) 217

A couple months ago I saw a fire near my apartment. I search the name of the street on Twitter and there were tons of tweets describing what was going on with pictures....

This is the type of scenario that social media excels at, but most people don't have white house press credentials, or correspondents in kandahar, or the patience or experience to dig through piles of legal documents. Stories like enron, what caused the financial crisis, the CIA torture memos, etc all need experienced journalists who need to be paid.

That said, your point is totally valid. Why pay for something that is now free? Personally, I'm willing to pay for the increase quality, both of journalism and UI. But my cap is probably around $8-10/mo. And I'm a fanboy.

Comment Re:Windows Phone 7 Series Video (Score 2, Insightful) 427

I totally agree. Still way to many animations and eye candy. UI designers should keep the focus on what works well and fast not what looks slick, but the slick looking designs are the ones that get picked in the meetings...

My favorite part is the "find people faster".... that's what you're selling? exactly how is that faster, or at all different from your competitors? My treo 300 could get to contacts quite quickly, and the iphone search is easy and works well - is this a still a problem?

Comment how about html/javascript for tinkering? (Score 1) 965

If someone is curious about computer tinkering these days, I feel like their first toe in the water will be with HTML/JS/AJAX rather than BASIC/ResEdit/Etc. ipad will definitely have a text editor and file sharing... and as many have said, if you REALLY want to get under the hood, they can step up to a linux box (or any other desktop OS).

besides, jquery touch looks much, MUCH more fun than 10 PRINT "VOIDSTIN RULES!" 20 GOTO 10

Comment If the scams are a Red Herring, stop them. (Score 3, Insightful) 148

So, if the revenue really comes from honestly entertained consumers trading money for an enjoyable experience, fine. Do that. Stop it with the text message scams and toolbar downloads..

But, since $9.99/mo in hidden text message charges > $1 for a tractor, it seems to me that the tractor is the red herring, in order to get you to the far more profitable malware. But Zynga can easily prove me wrong by stopping these practices....

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