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Comment Re:Offtopic (Score 2) 147

Agreed. I also see:

10 Confirmed Dead In Shooting at Oregon's Umpqua Community College
VC, Entrepreneur Says Basic Income Would Work Even If 90% People 'Smoked Pot' and Didn't Work
Yelp Employee Posts Open Letter About Cost Of Living And Low Wages, Gets Fired
Universal Basic Income Programs Arrive
Explosions and Multiple Shootings In Paris, Possible Hostages

Linked to virtually every story.

Comment eh (Score 3, Interesting) 306

I first ran Linux back in the mid-90's though it's been a while since I did much with it (maybe like 5 years). Back when I started it was 2 generations ahead of Windows at least, destroyed it in terms of performance and stability, and was just a lot more fun to use. Fast forward to today and any lead has pretty much evaporated. Recently when I got too annoyed at how slow Windows 10 was running on a cheap laptop I picked up (4 gigs of RAM, AMD a4-6210 and a SSD), I decided to replace it with Linux and was honestly pretty underwhelmed. Performance was about the same, and this was a Linux Mint distro running XFCE with bells and whistles turned off. It was still sluggish to the point that it was annoying. The user experience was pretty much identical to what I remember from 10 years ago. Honestly, if I installed a 10-year-old distro it would probably scream. I'm not a programmer so not sure what could be done at this point; even Torvalds has admitted the kernel is bloated, and as a user it seems like the graphics system is just an increasing number of layers, managers, and toolkits piled on top of each other.

Comment Re:Punish the serf class. (Score 2) 238

I think that's arguable. The UK abolished the death penalty for murder in 1965 but there was a vote to reinstate it in each parliament until 1997. That meant a consistent refusal to act on majority opinion. You're right we technically retained it for various crimes (Treason, piracy and queue jumping) but I'm not sure it would or could've been acted on.

It's funny though. The Brexit vote was about the primacy of parliament yet when it threatens to exercise that by not acting on a non-binding, knife edge, existential referendum, Brexit leaders get quite agitated.

Comment Re:Punish the serf class. (Score 4, Informative) 238

It depends what kind of democracy you want and what kind of democracy you have. Democracy isn't a Model T. It doesn't just come in one colour. In the UK we have a representative democracy. It's intended to act as a shield against the temporary whim of the people. It's why we don't have the death penalty. We elect people to arbitrate between the interests of the nation and the people.

Referendums on the other hand are just mob rule. "A device for dictators and demagogues". It's also worth bearing in mind that while most people who voted, voted to leave, it was a minority of the electorate.

Comment Re:If no one goes to jail, it means nothing... (Score 1) 143

"We" the Slashdot crowd that understand that are not opposed to modifying things that can't go at speeds that can kill someone if operated wrongly. "We" instead understand that vehicles are something that need to be well regulated due to their nature.

Oh. If only that were true. Have you read the comments on here before?

Comment Re:insightful and considered opinions expected (Score 1) 331

"The ignorance chemistry, biology, and natural history required to fall for the histrionics of climate change/global warming is ill becoming of nerds. "

Well considering the overwhelming consensus by professional chemists, biologists, and natural historians -- all who know more about the subject than you -- why should we take your word over theirs?

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