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Comment Re:How many of those... (Score 1) 153

M$ also as per their licensing agreement count multiple cores as multiple computers. So still meaningless numbers, especially as they have a history of lying, any press release with regard to sales I would only partially accept, if they were released to the SEC as made part of financial reports, in that case there is at least a legal requirement they be accurate. Other than that typical PR=B$ marketing.

If that is the case they must be counting each XBox1's as eight licenses per box since the machine has 8 Cores and it would be very likely that out of the 22 million XB1's most would have been switched on over the last 28 days. Not bad 160+ million computers out of say 20 million physical machines.

Comment Re:How many of those... (Score 1) 153

I like the author's last paragraph and I quote:

Me? I still rely on Linux — Mint 17.3 to be exact — for my main desktop. With it, I, and not some company, get to decide when to update and when to patch. I like having control over my desktop. If you don’t care, go and follow the Windows 10 lemmings. I’ll go my own way.

For those of use who do use a Linux distribution as our main desktop we only need to change "Mint 17.3" to whatever distribution we are currently running and the sentence pretty much says it all.

Comment Re:Penultimate arrogance (Score 1) 68

They're not even bothering to call their surveillance software by some other name to obfuscate it's actual purpose anymore, they're coming right out and telling you: We are watching and recording everything you say, do, and type, and are analyzing that data to predict your intentions. The only obfuscation left is saying it's for 'Bing', when it's also going to government agencies. It is clear now that anyone who actually tolerates this violation of their civil liberties and human rights just doesn't understand the implications of what is being done to them, and needs to have it explained to them, so they can be properly outraged. Microsoft needs to be dismantled, plain and simple.

Unfortunately when you mention or try to explain this to people they 1) Don't believe you. 2) Say "I don't have anything to hide". 3) Say "There is nothing I can do, so I will tolerate it".

There is a fourth option but most people find that too difficult to comprehend much less implement.

Comment Re:How is this different from any university? (Score 1) 327

major career training

College is not on the job training It never has been. It never will be. If you want career training they have those, they're coincidentally called trades.

College will not teach you C. College will teach you the theory behind C.

learned about writing software

Because if a CS curriculum spends any time on how to write software you're in the wrong place. The largest complaint I hear out of CS and Engineering students is they feel like they were sold something else. College is NOT a 4 year degree on how to write Python and C. (or what ever else you want to learn).

Comment Re: How is this different from any university? (Score 3, Insightful) 327

I found For Profit there is less hand holding in teaching on how to use the app but covering theory and concepts are hard.
For NFP the theory and concepts are easier but getting them on different tools and showing them when you need to break the rules gets harder.

Broken down it's the technicians vs the engineers.

The "For Profit" colleges filled a niche which was the fact that we forgot about the skilled trades in the US. Everything taught at ITT tech is a trade option in Germany. You don't need 4 years of theory you need a hands on approach to learning what you need to know to get the job done.

"Not for profit" colleges are how they've always been, theory based academia. If you don't want to learn the theory and learn stuff unelated ("well rounded student") then college isn't for you, try a trade.

Both are equally important jobs. But they're separate. You don't hire an electrician when you need an electrical engineer and you don't hire an electrical engineer when you need an electrician.

The same applies to computer based jobs. Despite what eveyone says on Slashdot a handfull of "code bootcamp" would do wonders in some organizations. If HR hands me another CS graduate that can tell me the *theory* behind Python's design and not actually write Python I'm going to raise hell again.

Comment Re:Poaching (Score 1) 120

I know ya'll in the tech industry love to poach employees from other companies... But REALLY Capcom!? Did you have to hire that guy from Sony !?!?

I have no idea why Capcom bothered, all they needed to do is get in the good books with Microsoft and all the information pertaining to a suspect user is theirs for the asking. You have read the Windows 10 EULA, haven't you?

Comment Re:This should be the death of Capcom (Score 5, Informative) 120

You mean, nobody is installing Sony software these days after the rootkit incident 2012? Right.

The Sony rootkit scandal was 2005 and was instigated by BMG who were in the process of being merged by Sony, consequently Sony took the blame. See the following for more details. Yes the root-kit was a stupid thing to do but you would think that people would also blame the operating system and virus protection software for allowing this to happen.

I do understand Capcom were trying to stop people from cheating but there are much more acceptable ways although the more you try to prevent someone from cheating the more you penalise the honest player. The bottom line is if someone is determined to cheat they will find a way and the only way to reduce this is "Don't play with cheats."

Comment Re:ironically (Score 1) 221

Which modern variant are you using that you have conflicts of this kind?

Well to be fair I did have a conflicting package in Fedora 24 (the only one I have ever had with this distribution) a few weeks ago and my options were 1) Update all other packages except the offending package. 2) Remove the offending package and reinstall at a later date. 3) Wait about two days for the issue to be fixed.

As least with Linux you have options so a two-day wait was not a big deal and also the package that I had the update issue with was one that I rarely used, but even so if I chose options "1" or "3" I could still use the full functionality of the package, it's not as if the conflicting package stopped working.

BTW. The AC comment was a troll since the did not appear to have a clue.

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