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Comment Re:HDMI? (Score 1) 71

Well maybe it makes sense if you don't have analog inputs on your TV?

You are quite right, however, most modern TV's including UHD, 4K, 1080p, whatever do have AV inputs. The main problem you have with low-resolution graphics is scaling and smoothing so the game looks presentable on a large screen TV.

It must also be noted that pretty well all NES and SNES games were designed with a 4:3 aspect ration so on a 16:9 aspect ratio TV (the industry standard) you are going to have black bars left and right of your screen. It is possible to "stretch" or even "clip to size" the video feed but the results in most cases will not be satisfactory.

Comment Re: It's not Linux (Score 1) 275

I can run software. On a computer. And most of the time, uncertainty doesn't foul up the result. Does it matter if it's Linux or Windows? No. As long as I get the value I expect, financial or otherwise, I could care less which whiny little basement dweller wrote the kernel.

Ah! I see the problem here. You want a value that you expect even though it may not be the correct value. Sounds like a good management strategy to me.

Comment Re:Cat got my tongue (subjects are dumb) (Score 1) 275

If a modern kernel were to panic once 65+ processes were running, I wonder how far it would get through the boot process.

Well, I have over 270 processes which run flawlessly under Fedora 24 on my desktop on boot. Does that count?

Actually, if a critical process fails on boot then the machine will crash. Solution: fix that critical process.

Similarly, if an application fails it will also crash. Again the solution if to fix that failing application.

The above applies to all operating systems. Unfortunately many people like to shoot the messenger instead of finding and resolving the problem.

Comment Re:"More Professional Than Ever" (Score 1) 275

The reason why Linux will never make it to the mainstream desktop is because OS X is the best and easiest UNIX-based GUI to use. And things, "just work."

I take it you have never heard of the "Microsoft Tax"? Linux seems to be doing fine on most computing devices except the desktop.

Android (has a Linux kernel) has 86.2% compared to Apple's 12.9% of market as per Q2 2016 market share.. Also Android tablets account for 66.1% while IOS accounts for 27.87% of market share .

As for Super Computers, Linux dominates with about 99%.

Note: The figures I gave you are Q2 2016 so they are current.

Comment Re:Linux is far worse than Microsoft (Score 1) 519

There are major distros that are systemd free, and not only because systemd was removed from them, but because they never had it (Slackware)... or at least only have it as a non-required option (Gentoo).

Well according to Distro Watch Slackware rates 16 and Gentoo rates 36 on the list of page hits so they must be major distibutions.

Comment Re:SystemD? (Score 1) 519

I think it is like Emacs without the editor part.

Emacs has been around since 1976 -- I've used it almost daily since 1985. Let's see if systemd is still here and useful in 40 years.

Well systemd has already six years under its belt and quite a few major Linux distributions have adopted it.

While we are at it lets start another emacs verses vi flame war (mid 1980's), since I have been using both since 1980 although personally I prefer vi mainly because it is on all Unix systems by default (emacs is not). On second thoughts lets not.

Comment Re:We're All Dying (Score 2) 505

not true, their are good desktops that have taken over from the archaic relics of the past decades (GNOME, KDE).

MATE and CINNAMON is where it's at. XFCE4 is quite good too

You do know that Xfce and KDE were first started in 1996 and Gnome released in 1999. So saying that KDE and Gnome are relics compared to Xfce is totally wrong. Basically as far as computing goes all Desktops and/or Session Mangers either stagnate or evolve and most including KDE have evolved. Of course, personal preferences are at play here.

In case you are wondering MATE and CINNAMON are both spinoffs of Gnome.

As for which desktop is better, personally I like KDE plasma and I have used pretty much all major desktops over the last 35 years, however at least with Linux desktops you do have the choice and you can configure most of them to your own personal preference. Of course, we could always start the 1980's flame war over emacs verses vi. On second thoughts let's not. :-)

Comment Re:How Active Does Development Need to Be? (Score 1) 505

I don't know that maintaining a web browser in the face of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and the rest makes any sense?

Actually, it does since you have the option to use what you like.

Also, a standalone mail client? I haven't used one of those in nearly 5 years now. So, do I care that it hasn't updated? Do its users want it to become more like Outlook? I think probably not.

I do find that KMail is a very configurable client but I personally just use Gmail now. At least I have the choice.

My gripe with KDE the last time I tried to use it was lack of font scaling support for 4K screens... I assume that KDE5 is addressing that, but how well? Next time I set up a desktop I might try it, but for now I'm happy enough with what comes "out of the box" with Ubuntu, and was unhappy enough with the last Kubuntu I tried that I've left KDE to go grow up some.

Can't really comment on 4K fonts although I never had any issue with 1080p fonts. I did try Mint at one stage and still have it in a virtual machine but my main distribution is Fedora (now at 24) which I like although I don't begrudge other people liking other distributions since at least we have the choice.

I hope it does continue to improve, I used to really prefer KDE to Gnome

Personally, so do I since I find very easy to configure the KDE environment to my liking. The only time I switched to Gnome was when KDE 4.0 was released. My wife was so annoyed with the instability that I switched her to Gnome. Unfortunately, Gnome and KDE don't play very well together and I switched to Gnome until KDE 4.1 came out then we switched back.

Comment Re:It better not be. (Score 3) 505


MATE and CINNAMON have that. KDE is a relic of bygone era, smarter people have moved on

I have used Mint and personally I still like KDE which I have as part of my Fedora 24 spin. KDE to me still has the more configurable graphical interface out of all the window and session managers and I have used pretty much all of the competing offerings.

Of course, if you like a particular GUI over another then that is fine. At least with Linux and all the distributions out there you have compleat freedom to choose what you like and configure it to your tastes, which is how it should be unlike a certain "phone-home" OS which will remain nameless.

Now that's said can we please comment on how emacs is better then vi or vice versa. -- Ducks for cover :-)

Comment Re: What does Netcraft say? (Score 3, Informative) 505

Linux was never alive to begin with. It's market share has always been in the toilet. Nobody takes it seriously as an operating system.

You are quite right Linux's market share is so abysmal that billions of people actually use it daily without being aware of it.

If you are going to Troll, do it properly.

Comment Re:konqueror best filemanager (Score 5, Informative) 505

Konqueror would seem to be the best file manager for power users and programmers. it's very configurable. I don't think I could find as good a replacement for it.

Konqueror is a web browser and it does work very well if you wish to make it a file manager, however, it is nowhere near as good as Dolphin which is so configurable that IMHO puts all other file managers to shame. I follow the Unix paradigm. "The right tool for the right job" and using a Web Browser as a file manager is not really using the right tool.

If you have Fedora 24, KDE spin it ships standard with QupZilla which is sort of like Chrome (pretty much all browsers are sort of like Chrome) except it gives you allot more privacy and it actually does quite well on many browser benchmarks. Yes, I know you can easily lock down Chrome although good luck with a certain operating system which I won't name.

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