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Comment Re:Dvorak (Score 1) 307

Question yourself - why do relative many people take effort to learn Dvorak, and a large amount of them state they don't want to go back? Is that because it's an inferior layout? Are all those people fooling themselves? Or could it be that 'qwerty is good enough too', and that a learning curve to another layout is long, and in the beginning, pretty steep?

In this world where people believe in homeopathy, Scientology and other such crap in this world, that argument is not going to find too many takers.

Comment Re:Can't feed nor provide clean water for populati (Score 1) 336

... and every combat rifle designed by every Western country worked perfectly from the first attempt right?
* XM8 (USA)
* Steyr ACR (Austria)
* H&K G11 (Germany)
* Armtech C30R (Austria)

Every manufacturer has to go through a learning curve before the products can compete against the best of the world. The only way to fail is to not try at all.

Comment Re:Wait, hang on (Score 1) 336

While the development of the Agni series did begin in 1983, the Agni-V launched yesterday is an evolved version of the Agni II. About as similar as the current-generation Porsches have with the original in 1963 :).
The Agni family can be divided into 3 generations
* Agni II (First into service)
* Agni I & III
* Agni IV & V - The Agni IV isn't meant to enter service but was a proving exercise for the technologies used on the Agni V

Comment Re:India invents the "V2"? (Score 3, Informative) 336

This 'long range missile' was designed with SUBMARINE LAUNCH CAPABILITY IN MIND.

Does India have working Submarines?

Then the US is a target.

The Agni is a land-based missile and is expected to be launched from rail-based vehicles. The sub-launched missiles are the Sagarika (700 km range and tested successfully but not yet in service) and the K-4 (3500 km range which is under development and hasn't had any flight tests as yet)

India does not have any ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs) in service yet. The first one - the Arihant was launched last year and is undergoing tests. All other submarines are either SSKs or SSNs

Comment Re:There is a lot more to it than this article (Score 2) 600

The F-35 didn't have a chance ... the contest only allowed aircraft already in production and those willing to perform full technology transfer and production rights.
US law doesn't allow transfer of stealth technology. None of the F-35 partner countries are given access to this tech and production is limited to the US.

Comment Re:Why wouldn't India develop it's own fighter? (Score 4, Informative) 600

There are three in the pipeline

HAL Tejas



While the Tejas is close to entering service, it is a lightweight aircraft, designed to be cheap (~$25M) and keep the numbers. This contest was for a medium-sized aircraft bringing in more capability and to be able to support the Su-30MKI which are the IAF's primary fighters.

The FGFA and AMCA are long-term projects which are not likely to enter service before the decade is out.

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