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Comment Expensive machine that makes awful coffee (Score 1) 299

Alton Brown's Good Eats had an episode that shows what it takes to brew good coffee and it is not that hard to make a good cup but the Keurig is the wrong way to brew. Any of those reusable K-cups is also big fail on coffee brewing. Good coffee takes time, the brewing process requires the right water temp, filter, and the right grind to extract flavors. There are no shortcuts.

Comment Pluto (Score 1) 98

Imo, while Pluto is an interesting planet to check out. It has less promising details than other planets. For all we know it could be very well just a bigger dwarf planet. There's definitely more action around Jupiter and Saturn because these giants have so many moons that are like a mini solar system.

Comment Re:SSDs the answer (Score 1) 517

SSD isn't the answer when you have majority of work data on the network. I've proven to management that their hope that SSD can solve their problem isn't the solution when I show them benchmarks of work desktops running on SSD vs ones running HDs. Bootups are faster on SSD but many apps that are ODBC based and network dependent show marginal improvements with SSDs.

Comment Most IT Security Pros are just not hacks (Score 1) 517

I lose track the number of IT security gurus I work with and the minute they go through a list of security apps that we need to install the more I lose confidence in them. Time and time again I can prove that Antivirus software doesn't work, none of their malware apps can blocks simple phishing and fresh email exploits that clueless users just love clicking on. The only thing security software does is make companies like Symantec steady cashflow. Other dumb policies like changing passwords every 30 days does nothing but give helpdesk daily password resets for users. A true password protection is one that uses multi-factor. A password phishing attack can get passwords well before the 30 day window. Which is why big banks and companies keeps getting hacked because they have clueless overpaid security guys working.

Comment Paying quickly before interest catching up (Score 1) 243

Amazon is simply paying up now instead of delaying and have to pay interest on owed taxes. If you or I does this, we be arrested on tax evasion. This is just another form of tax evasion at a global level and Amazon feels it's earned enough to pay now instead of being forced to pay more with additional penalties later.

Comment A waste of money (Score 1) 129

Instead of sinking billions into Blackberry, why not spend $500mil on making higher quality apps on the Marketplace store? I bet if they create enough high quality apps/games and then making them free it would pay much higher dividend than acquire another niche mobile device maker. Haven't they learned already that Nokia was a dying ship? The Tmobile Sidekick/Danger was another dying ship before their acquisition.

Comment Mfg using Chrome to offload their stockpile (Score 1) 115

Mfg using Chrome to offload their stockpile of outdated early 2000 parts like 1366x768 netbook screens. These are $150 netbooks being repackaged as new Chromebooks. It's working, a lot of Google fans are buying these cheap internet terminals. They're also holding back high quality screens from being mass produced.

Comment Re:Putting out fires (Score 1) 230

Windows 8 sales are very good because there are tons of deals with Win8 for under $40 initially and corporate subscription advantage requires annual Windows upgrade purchases or the so called Microsoft tax. The problem is Microsoft hope to lure people over to use Windows Marketplace to buy apps and services but people are either not using Windows 8 or simply not even using the Metro UI.

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