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Submission + - HP To Build A 112 Million USD R&D Center In Ta (

Kilrah_il writes: According to Taipai News, HP is planning to build a global R&D center in Taiwan dubbed Cumputing Hub. The center will cost $112 million to build over the next 3 years, in addition to $30 billion in equipment per year. "Innovation will be the key to the Computing Hub. It won't carry out R&D for middle or low-end products. The center will also join hands with Taiwan's academia."

Comment Re:Stallman For President (Score 1) 183

I don't know if you've noticed , but the real world is racist and sexist. His views may seem to be too much, but what is the alternative you offer? Something along the lines of 'Everyone should learn..' does not count in my book. After all if everyone would learn whats best for them and society people in general would drive much safer.

When up against an entrenched opponent one must use measures just as strong as his opponent.

Comment Re:A few years down the road? (Score 1) 455

Some talented people did something interesting with some easily accessible tools. Great job guys and gals, seriously, but I'm not thanking the software.

I wouldn't quite define professional level (or even wonky should be pro level) 3d animation , audio editing and image editing tools as 'easily accessible' . Perhaps it's just my lowly budget speaking.

I made a program with X language the other day , but X is just some easily accessible tool, almost no effort is needed to make a compiler,debugger or documentation for a programming language.

Comment Re:History (Score 3, Insightful) 193

To view history in its true light requires one to not draw us vs them comparisons. Each entity took the actions they took , to get the full lesson from history one must learn from each of them.

  The Japanese tortured and killed soldiers and did worse to citizens.

The US did racial profiling of Japanese as a whole and helped fan the flames of hate against them. Then they put them in camps.

Comment Re:See how destructive unions can be? (Score 1) 576

I have to ask , if you think anything that gets in the way of profit is a problem, how do you feel about wall street?

Derivative trading was completely untouched by government regulation or even monitoring until a single company defaulted....and almost brought the cards down the first time. However that was avoided by the government stepping in and telling those who had lost money in derivatives what they had to do.

what do you when all toy manufacturers have lead paint because its cheaper? And cheaper is the path to profit, which shareholders demand.

Comment Re:Perhap the kernel's size is becoming too unweil (Score 1) 274

The original security exploit had to be modified to exploit the current kernel, so unless you expect them to maintain all the old security vulnerability test units....

Simple fact, stuff happens. I would like to see a programmer / admin that can say in the last 6 months they have not made or almost made a major to semi-major mistake. Linux is a big project and they are reacting properly to this by re-adding the fix quickly.

Comment Re:Fragmentation or bloat (Score 1) 228

Its more like a very thick line between 'if you want to use Google(tm) apps on your phone it needs to be an approved system so it doesn't tarnish our name' and 'if you don't use our apps you can do anything'.

Considering the phone manufacturers are getting the phone apps for near free prices I think thats a good deal personally.

Comment Re:not long for his job (Score 1) 340

I would like to be part of one of these projects you speak of. personally I find working long hours due to crunch time boring among other things.

The reality is bad code / practices / half finished things are everywhere.....

Just in commercial software no one can see your source code and call you on it.


Submission + - New Zealand rocket buffs catch Nasa's eye (

lul_wat writes: Beck told the Herald on Sunday that Rocket Lab had received a research grant from the US Office of Naval Research to study new rocket propulsion methods and fuels.
Auckland science geek Peter Beck and Christchurch space lover Mark Rocket (who changed his surname by deed poll from Stevens) were the brains behind the 6m-long, 60kg rocket which reached an altitude of more than 100km and a speed of about 5000km/h from a paddock on Great Mercury Island.

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