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Comment Gimmick (Score 5, Interesting) 353

From personally using/selling this computer for about a month, I can say it is nothing more than a gimmick. It's nothing more than a glorified tablet with a glossy screen. If HP were serious about trying to revolutionize an industry, chances are, they'd have to partner with Apple to use their patents. As it is now, the screen is uncomfortable, buggy, and horrifically unprecise. Plus, the computer itself is nothing special, being built on the same platform as their DV5 series of laptops. The processor is just a Core2 Duo T5750 which barely clocks at 2.0ghz. They try to make up for the mediocre processor with 4gb of 333mhz DDR2, and fail. The screen has no multi-touch capability, so using an on-screen keyboard is a pain because response time shows as much latency as someone trying to play WoW on a 28.8kbps dial-up connection. HP will never turn novelty into a revolution. These companies do nothing more than market the norm with a little more glitz, and unfortunately, the age of the keyboard and mouse is not yet over. Give me a capacitive multi-touch screen with haptic feedback that runs linux with Enlightenment or one of the other eyecandy desktop environments on a low profile desktop form factor, then we'll see if touch screens are the way of the future.

Submission + - Microsoft to reward for search engine use

alexmin writes: Microsoft announced a deal this month to pre-install software that makes the default page in computers made by the China-based Lenovo. Sued By Colorado Woman 797

An anonymous reader writes "The Internet Archive is being sued by a Colorado woman for spidering her site. Suzanne Shell posted a notice on her site saying she wasn't allowing it to be crawled. When it was, she sued for civil theft, breach of contract, and violations of the Racketeering Influence and Corrupt Organizations act and the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act. A court ruling last month granted the Internet Archive's motion to dismiss the charges, except for the breach of contract claim. If Shell prevails on that count, sites like Google will have to get online publishers to 'opt in' before they can be crawled, radically changing the nature of Web search."

Submission + - A Lesson in Security:The Student vs Hacker Rematch

monkeyboy44 writes: After last years entertaining hacker vs. student showdown, once again covered the annual Mid-Atlantic Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition where college students are put to the test. During the three day event, small teams from eight of the areas colleges are handed insecure networks that they have to lockdown and keep running — all while a team of hackers attempt to gain access any way they can. To keep it interesting, the teams also had to perform various tasks, such as program web applications, install IDS systems and more — and if hacked, the US Secret Service was on hand to determine if their was enough data to start an investigation. Once again, the hackers dominated — but not without a few surprises.

Submission + - Dutch e-voting manufacturer blackmailed government

vvpt writes: After the Dutch group 'We don't trust voting computers' showed how easy the Nedap voting computers can be manipulated the company is under heavy fire. An independent commission is investigating how the future of Dutch voting should look like (the outcome is expected by October but everyone knows it is going to be very different from now). Nedap knows they are toast unless they can lure the government into buying their stock. So company executive Jan Groenendaal told a Dutch minister: Buy my company or we will withdraw all our services for the next elections. Not an empty threat: 99% of all votes are cast on their equipment. Dutch elections are impossible without the help of Nedap. The blackmail is now revealed by 'We don't trust voting computers' after obtaining letters and e-mails between the government and Groenendaal through a successful FOIA request.

Submission + - Coke and Pepsi Cook Your Liver?

beartenor1 writes: Science Daily is reporting that a team from the University of Barcelona (UB) has recently published a study in the journal Hepatology which provides clues to the molecular mechanism through which the fructose in beverages may alter lipid energy metabolism and cause fatty liver and metabolic syndrome. Is it time to ban high-fructose corn syrup?

Nanotechnology Reveals Hidden Fingerprints 26

valiko75 writes "Hidden fingerprints can now be revealed quickly and reliably thanks to two developments in nanotechnology. The thing is that they have invented an easier way to reveal hidden fingerprints, but the explanation is rather vague. The main point is that the experiments are not very stable at the moment, but with its development this technology will probably help in discovering many criminal mysteries."

Submission + - 5 Google Search Tips

An anonymous reader writes: In 5 Google Tips To Improve Your Search Experience, TechWeb discusses some interesting tweaks, including ways to create customized RSS feeds for any search term or news subject you want. Also included is a way to convert Google Desktop Gadgets to Vista Sidebar Gadgets, and a pointer to a free Google AutoCAD clone you can download called SketchUp.
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Rice bill would make R.I. first state to go WIFI

roscoetoon writes: " 1

"(public) access to the Internet, particularly broadband internet access, has become a necessity in today's world," said Representative Rice (D-Dist. 72, Portsmouth, Middletown, Newport),"The ultimate goal of this legislation is to make Rhode Island the first state to utilize a complete Wi-Fi network. The Electronic Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Act would open the door to a very promising and exciting opportunity for our state, and through this measure, I hope that Rhode Island will become a national leader in information technology.", but, it still seems a ways off,"the innovation center must issue a public report on its study by July 1, 2008"."

Journal Journal: SCO says GNU doesn't have a license

I was browsing SCO's website trying to figure out development tool options for SCO OpenServer 5.0.6 (I know, I know) and stumbled across this.

It describes one of the three options for OpenServer 5.0.7 as:

Input Devices

Submission + - Play video games with your brain, eyes and muscles

jmke writes: At Cebit there was a device being demoed at the OCZ Booth which tracks movement of your eyes, monitors brain waves and picks up facial muscle movements, it uses these recorded signals to link them to input commands on the computer, allowing you to play Tetris or even a first person shooter like UT2004. Here is a live demo and more technical details on how this works. Will this technology change the way you interact with your PC?

Caves on Mars? 99

RockDoctor writes "The BBC is reporting that the photo-surveying of Mars has revealed seven suspected cave entrances in the Arsia Mons volcanic area. This has been hinted at before — long sinuous channels in the same region have been interpreted as collapsed 'lava tube' caves — but the scale of the suggested entrances (sheer drops of 80 to 130m from the surrounding surface) makes my troglodytic hands twitch for my abseiling gear."

Submission + - Good Teaching Tools for the Kids

jdramer writes: I was recently asked by someone who home-schools her kids what kind of programs are available for teaching kids about what you can do with computers. She was thinking things like computer animation, drawing programs; basically anything that encourages creativity. So I'm wondering what programs are out there that would be good for young children in primary school?

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