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Comment Re:Doesn't matter, he's "none of the above" (Score 1) 523

There's actually a non-zero chance of him winning a hell of a lot more than NM.

Possibly AZ, UT, NV, CO, a couple other western states I'm forgetting. Maybe MN if the world goes a little crazy.

Meanwhile Bill Weld is hanging out in the NE going at places like Vermont and Maine that have no great love for either Trump or Clinton.

Is it likely for Johnson to win? No. Is he making the definition of "swing state" a lot more interesting this year? Oh yeah.

Comment Re:For some definition of "true to their party" (Score 1) 523

That's fine but they can't pick Paul Ryan as President. At most, if House and Senate both fail to decide, they can leave him by default as Acting President Ryan.

The house has to pick from the top three people out of the electoral college. It's in the constitution.

If Johnson got some electoral votes and played spoiler, then they're choosing from Clinton, Trump and Johnson. Period. Nobody else.

Meanwhile, the Senate has to pick VP from the top two, which means that VP Weld isn't going to happen in that scenario, and that may be the biggest loss, because that man is crazy smart.

Comment Re: Extremely ignorant (Score 1) 523

You know what? That's just flat out untrue.

In an interview with the New York Times on Wednesday, Johnson was asked if he knew the name of North Korea’s leader. “I do,” he replied. “‘You want me to name’ the person, he said, then added, dryly, ‘Really.’” Johnson never answered the question.

He refers to Kim, by name, repeatedly in speeches.

Comment Re:Extremely ignorant (Score 1) 523

I like the TPP as a concept. It's free(er) trade with most Pacific nations that aren't China.

The Cato Institute's analysis says that it's a net win; not perfect, but a net gain.

That analysis is almost certainly is what Gary Johnson is relying on. The Libertarian Party is not the Republican or Democratic party. They don't have the budget or the staff to do their own analysis of such a big document. So he's depending on Cato.

He's said, repeatedly, that in office, it would be gone through, and if it's less free-trade and more cronyism, he would not sign it.

But come on. Obama's going to get it done in lame duck anyway. It's not going to even matter what President Johnson thinks.

Comment Re:No, she's not fine (Score 1) 523

How in the heck did you get that from what was written?

The point was, explicitly stated, that if you're not in a battleground state, vote for someone else.

If you're in a battleground state, you MAY have a harder decision.

But if you're in Illinois like I am? It doesn't matter who you vote for, Hillary is going to win. Even if she's losing, Rahm will GOTZV (Get Out The Zombie Vote) in Chicago and she'll win. Guaranfuckingteed Illinois will go to Clinton.

I'm voting for Johnson, and I would be even if I was in Florida or Ohio. Because I'm not eating any more shit sandwiches. My vote is mine, it isn't Donald's, and it isn't Hillary's and it isn't yours.

Everyone always assumes that whoever they're talking to agrees with them. If you like Hillary, you assume I'd vote for her if I didn't vote for Johnson. If you like Trump, you assume I'd vote for him if I wasn't voting for Johnson.

Screw that. I change my mind daily on which one I think is worse. Right now, just at the minute, I think the crazy pussy-grabber is worse than the lying influence-peddler. Might change my mind tomorrow after the next batch of emails get digested.

Since I only get one vote, the only sane, honest, trustworthy, decent human being in the race is getting my vote, even though he honestly probably will not win, and I will sleep perfectly fine no matter whether Giant Douche or Turd Sandwich wins, because I voted for an actually good person who honestly wants to the best thing for the country.

And who knows, maybe he will.

In my traditionally strongly GOP county - many county races don't even have a Democrat - I've seen more Johnson yard signs than Trump yard signs. So who knows. Maybe he'll surprise us all. I sure hope so.

Comment Re:Extremely ignorant (Score 1) 523

That just isn't true. I'm pretty sure he has a vastly deeper understanding of Syria than Trump - and in fact of world politics in general.

Deeper than Clinton? No, probably not - being Secretary of State helps with that. And he's a lot less likely to either 1) bomb unnecessarily or 2) sell himself to the highest bidders.

What foreign leaders has he flubbed? He failed to name one he admired. I'd like you to name a foreign leader that a Libertarian should admire. He had three seconds before he looked dumb. You have all night. Let's hear what you come up with.

He refused to play Foreign Leader Jeopardy with a paper - the NY Times I think. Of course he knows the leader of North Korea - he refers to him in speeches all the time.

Here's an article.

Comment Re:Dice, we get it you don't like Ms. Clinton (Score 1) 523

It does actually make a bit of sense.

It's the Bernie voters for the most parts. Bernie Sanders talked about the problem that matter to millennials. He had some really socialist solutions, but he talked about those problems, and seemed like a decent, honest man.

Gary Johnson talks about a lot of the same problems. He has a few of the same solution, but mostly not - but he's talking about the same problems and the long term future of the country. He's not talking about who has small hands, or who's dicking bimbos, or who has probably grabbed women by the genitals, or even email servers. He's talking military intervention, race relations, ending the drug war, federal deficit and other actual issues - and the worst "dirt" anyone can find on him is that he may, possibly, not be great with proper names. And on top of that, he is clearly a very nice, very honest man.

Contrast that with the two major party psychopaths and the disgusting show of a debate last night.

Do you see why Bernie supporters might head toward Gary instead of Hillary?

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