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Submission + - Cuil was launched with fanfare, and died quietly (

viking80 writes: Finally put out of its misery. THE LAUGHING STOCK of the search engine world, Cuil, has disappeared from the web. The search engine, launched by ex-Google employees in 2008 with what was at the time an index three times bigger than that of Google, has not been reachable since Friday 17 and almost nobody noticed. While its large index count played well with the mainstream media, real web users were quick to point out that the search engine was not particularly good at delivering relevant results. Earlier /. coverage and

Submission + - Researches broke "unhackable" quntum encryption (

viking80 writes: Norwegian researches hacked quantum encryption without detection

Quantum encryption is considered to be among the safest ways to encrypt data as it is extremely difficult to break the encryption without leaving changes that will be detected.

Any attamps to eavsdrop should theoretically be detected. Now, researchers at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway managed to crack Quantum encryption using a laser to "blind" the receiver. The full article is in the journal Nature Photonics

- Our hack gave 100 percent understanding of the key, with zero disturbance of the system, "says NTNU researchers Vadim Makarov and Lars Lydersen.
Researchers have tried on two commercially available Quantum encryption systemes — one from the company id Quantique in Switzerland and one from MagiQ Technologies in the United States.

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