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Comment NO THANKS! (Score 1) 38

I don't install Facebook messenger, don't install the Facebook app, and damn sure don't want to log in to other applications or sites using my Facebook information.

Seriously, WTF? There is already enough associative information floating around the internet and databases without me connecting even more dots for all the three-letter agencies and "big business" and so on. Piss on Facebook "making it easier" for anyone but themselves and their business partners.

Comment Here is a radical idea.. (Score 4, Interesting) 341

..that has actually been brought up before on Slashdot, but it bears bringing up again.

Why not let each county/city build out a fiber optic network that will serve its citizens, connect to each county that touches them in a peering agreement, then connect to the overall backbone that is the Internet? Once those fiber networks are built out, the county/city can then let any ISP that wants to connect to the fiber and sell services -- with the county/city collecting $XX.xx per connection for upgrades and maintenance. THAT would create competition. Even if the local county/city creates their own ISP, then that service provider/entity must be separate from the entity owning the fiber optics and still has to pay $XX.xx per connection for access to the physical fiber. Fair play and all that.

The county/city entity that owns the fiber should have a completely "hands off" policy (net neutrality) when it comes to data flowing over the fiber and their only concern is the physical upkeep and maintenance.

Comment Firefox aka "the java applet browser" (Score 4, Insightful) 130

Although the world has largely switched to Chrome, the remaining use for Firefox is as the one browser that is still willing to support Java applets. Lots of people who work in IT have a VM or a jumpbox whose only purpose is to run Java applets inside of Firefox (for example, to do maintenance on some piece of equipment with a Java-applet-based configuration tool -- I'm talking to you, EMC) -- and *never* *run* *updates* because changing the browser or java version even slightly will break the whole thing.

Comment Some things just aren't wanted. (Score 1) 399

In the 1960's, the "obvious" future was "picture phones." In the 1980's the "obvious" future was "picture phones." Now everyone has a video-capable telephone, but do we use them? Sometimes, yes, but we never got to the "obvious" future where every single phone call was a video call. 3D Television is the same way. The technology exists, anyone who wants it can have it, but it's just not something the mainstream market has any interest in.

Comment This is about power, control, and greed... (Score 3, Interesting) 314

Greed: Don't fix the copper wire infrastructure we get paid to maintain.

Control: If you're moved off of copper wire POTS, then in an emergency or power outage you cannot effectively call for help. Wireless systems get overrun with numbers of calls if the emergency is large enough (hurricane, tornado, flood, etc) and your call will not get through. Or you won't have power (wireless), whereas copper is designed to (almost) always have power and JUST WORK.

Power: See above. Put on your tin foil hat, but this is one step in a wave to disrupt and control communication when a "state of emergency" or "martial law" is declared. Just wait.

Comment The medical based business I work for... (Score 1) 153

deliberately buys refurbished laptops and desktops with Windows 7 Professional on them, or buys new PCs with 8.1 Pro and downgrade rights.

We will never willingly move from 7 Professional due to the massive violation of HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other laws that Windows 10 is both accused of AND has been verified doing. Seriously, I doubt you see any major hospital or other medical profession make the move to 10 -- willingly at any rate.

Yes, eventually, we may have to move to Windows 10 but I am hoping that day is sometime in the year 2020 when I (probably) won't be in charge of Information Services and Technology for the company.

Comment The movie sucked, even for fanboys/girls.. (Score 3, Insightful) 407

so get over it already. DC just has a lousy track records of making a universe of films with continuity that are, you know, well-scripted and fun to watch.

I also thought the new Star Trek was mediocre at best. I was looking for some of the wonder and excitement that the reboot brought to the screen (minus lens flare) and I got wonder alright -- I wandered into the movie and then I wandered out when it was over. No excitement for the villain, the plot overall, but there were at least a couple of funny moments.

Comment The Fight to Piracy? (Score 1) 331

Here is how you take the fight to piracy -- take some risks, make some NEW movies (get off the remake train), make some GOOD movies, with a plot and character development and, you know, things that make it interesting and make people want to discuss your movie in a general way -- not just "That sucked! I wasted $25 to see that piece of shit? I should have downloaded it instead..." Also, stop gouging theaters so that tickets are $8 to $15 a head and climbing rapidly. I know theaters gouge us, the movie goer, with popcorn, Coke, and candy but we can opt out of that. We can't opt out of the ticket if we want to see the movie. Unless, you know, we pirate it *yarrrr!*

So, that's how you fight piracy James. Not make the movie theater experience "unique" -- fucking make the movies unique so we'll want to go see them. See the Marvel Cinematic Universe for an example of this. Even the bad ones. Stop changing movies because YOU know better -- when the fans want to see The Killing Joke, make The Killing Joke and don't change the story around. When we want to see God Loves, Man Kills (X-Men storyline), don't change the story around -- just make the movie. If you need to pad it out a bit, that's fine, just don't change the fundamental story. When we want to see Ender's War, put in the scene where Ender kicks that asshat in the balls until he dies -- don't change it to soften it up. I mean, fuck, it isn't rocket science. If the money people in Hollywood don't want to fund you, the internet exists -- crowdfund that fan-wanted movie. Go rogue, do something unique, take a risk and stop kissing Hollywood's ass for permission to make a movie.

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