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Re:Acid test  *Sunday June 23, 2002 @10:36PM 1 2
   attached to Macromedia Applies For OSI Certification
Linux is older than Windows?  *Tuesday January 01, 2002 @03:26PM  1
   attached to Interview With Microsoft's Chief of Security
Free Software is generally not a product  *Tuesday January 01, 2002 @12:38AM  1
   attached to Perception of Linux Among IT Undergrads
Re:how many lawyers does it take...  *Tuesday December 04, 2001 @02:58AM  1
   attached to Apple Cease-And-Desists Stupidity Leak
Re:This is not human languages!  *Tuesday November 27, 2001 @01:41AM  1
   attached to The Power of Multi-Language Applications
Re:Turning lemons into lemonade  *Tuesday November 27, 2001 @12:00AM  1
   attached to The Anti-Thesaurus: Unwords For Web Searches
Re:Well, that's really not the point  *Sunday November 25, 2001 @02:19PM  1
   attached to (Mostly) Confirmed: New Mersenne Prime Found
Re:Free speech? There's a difference.  *Friday November 23, 2001 @06:01PM  1
   attached to Council of Europe Pushes Net Hate-Speech Ban
Re:MAPS?  *Saturday October 27, 2001 @03:37PM  1
   attached to EFF speaks out against MAPS
Re:Why worry?  *Saturday October 27, 2001 @03:43PM  1
   attached to Digital Cameras Go Disposable
What do you think DSL is?  *Sunday October 21, 2001 @10:18PM  1
   attached to Wanted - 45 Mile Wireless Broadband?
Batteries  *Saturday October 20, 2001 @06:39AM  1
   attached to Why Not Solid State Hard Drives?
Re:The Flip Side...  *Thursday October 18, 2001 @06:23PM  1
   attached to Ubiquitous Surveillance
Not Haiku  *Thursday October 11, 2001 @11:24PM  1
   attached to Data Glove That Turns Gestures Into Commands
Scan it  *Thursday September 27, 2001 @01:18PM  2
   attached to MS FrontPage Restricts Free Speech II (It's True!)
Re:Regarding civil liberties  *Tuesday September 25, 2001 @11:55PM  2
   attached to A New Kind of War
Re:there's an argument to be made....  *Monday September 24, 2001 @01:47PM 1 2
Re:there's an argument to be made....  *Wednesday September 12, 2001 @07:03PM 1 2
   attached to More On Tragedy
Re:We're science dummies  *Sunday August 26, 2001 @06:16PM  2
   attached to Scientific Elites vs. Illiterates
Re:Do something about it....  *Thursday August 23, 2001 @02:35PM  1
   attached to Stopping The 56K Hate
Keenspot  *Saturday August 11, 2001 @11:57PM  1
   attached to Comic Books And The Internet, Continued WORKING ON
OT: Your sig  *Tuesday July 10, 2001 @09:09PM  1
   attached to Los Angeles County To Tax Outer Space
Re:A good use...  *Wednesday June 27, 2001 @09:09PM  1
   attached to Making an X Terminal from a PC
Re:Uptime  *Saturday June 30, 2001 @10:17AM  1
   attached to Blow-by-Blow Account of the OSDN Outage

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