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Journal Journal: On the eve of war.

Here I am, all set to start my /. journal. What am I opening myself up to?

Well, I will not harp on the topic of war, since that is just about all that anyone is talking about lately. As if all of our other problems have instantly become non-issues. I don't know about your town, but ours still has school funding issues, potholes in the highways, and seniors with no healthcare.

But I digress.

What is wrong with America when the government ignores 50% of it's people? Now I am not even beginning to ask which side of the war debate is the right one, because there is no such thing. And whether or not you agree or disagree with me, that doesn't make your opinion any less valid.

My issue is that it genuinely seems like government of late really just doesn't care. If 50% of our population in the United States can agree on ANYTHING it should be acknowleged. Even if it is just which Survivor is cutest...

So we are invading Iraq because we want to overthrow a tyrant, and install freedom 0.4b (we all know that it is a beta version that will likely crash a lot and need some revisions before it will be a successful product).

Why? Well, because they have an evil dictator who doesn't respect the will of the people and does whatever the hell he wants despite their opinions. Sound familiar?

WHOA there Tex - I am not saying that Saddam is like Bush. Well, maybe a little - but what Bush lacks in mustache he makes up in ears...

My whole point is that 50% of our nation feels that we should not go to war. That should be enough to at least make our government hesitate. HESITATE. Maybe not radically sway the course of history (only textbook publishers can do that). So in at least that respect, how then is Bush any better than Saddam?

Why are we criticizing people for having opinions? Like Dixie Chicks for example. Usually people criticize the record company manufactured "glitzy and attractive but not much else" artists for being too much fluff, and not enough substance. But the instant one of the Dixie Chicks states a completely valid opinion, that many many people agree with, and that has deeply rooted origins - everyone jumps on them and boycots their sponsors.

We can't have it both ways. Either we have freedom or we do not. Either we have a government of the people by the people for the people - or we do not.

It seems like we are leaning toward the not, and it is entirely disturbing. What ever you believe, no matter who you support, no matter what music you listen to, or if you even read slashdot - wake up!

It is due time that we took our nation back.

Each and every one of us. The Rush Limbaugh's and the Ralph Naders. The SUV loving terrorists and the compound camping cults. We all have a lot at stake here.

If 50% of the people agree - the government should at least pay attention to it.

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