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Comment Re:Do your due dilligence... (Score 1) 217

I ran into the same issue with new TLDs few times. Big players are rather suspicious about such domains. Basically the same story: static IP, properly set up DNS, SPF, DKIM, well-behaved Exim... Also, beware any email generating scripts, like shell/PHP/etc.. As a matter of fact, the heuristics that Google/Yahoo/Microsoft email services use will fine your letter for non-standard headers, which, in conjunction with new TLD, may cause your email to be marked as a spam.

Comment Re:How are nuclear weapons going to help though? (Score 1) 498

No, it's not 'Putin's thugs', it were the ultra-right-wing (read: nazis) among the current Ukraine's rulers who started the mess. The first thing they did was dismissal of the language law. Do you really believe this fact as well as pro-fashist parties in the government should get applause in Crimea or in Eastern Ukraine?

Comment OpenStack is fairly crude at the moment. (Score 1) 114

He's right. OpenStack is far from production, not to speak enterprise. I do not expect it get stable and mature with a year or two. Check out OpenStack mailing lists and bug reports. You can't expect reliability from the six months release cycle software when each new release breaks a significant parts of the previous one. Of course you can use it at your own risk. But it require too many efforts to maintain it. It may be cheaper to use some commercial product, depending on your tasks.

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