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Comment Re:Do your due dilligence... (Score 1) 217

I ran into the same issue with new TLDs few times. Big players are rather suspicious about such domains. Basically the same story: static IP, properly set up DNS, SPF, DKIM, well-behaved Exim... Also, beware any email generating scripts, like shell/PHP/etc.. As a matter of fact, the heuristics that Google/Yahoo/Microsoft email services use will fine your letter for non-standard headers, which, in conjunction with new TLD, may cause your email to be marked as a spam.

Comment Re:How are nuclear weapons going to help though? (Score 1) 498

No, it's not 'Putin's thugs', it were the ultra-right-wing (read: nazis) among the current Ukraine's rulers who started the mess. The first thing they did was dismissal of the language law. Do you really believe this fact as well as pro-fashist parties in the government should get applause in Crimea or in Eastern Ukraine?

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